Friday, April 1, 2016

iPhone Storage Full? Free up Space with These Tricks


Guidance to Free up Space in Devices 

In the present scenario with advanced application and high-end camera developing detailed photos together with quality videos, we often encounter lack of space in our devices. Inspite of huge 64GB storage, models tend to fill up storage very quickly and we are faced with lack of storage space. The following could be helpful on how to clear some space on your device.

1. Know how much space is available 

To know about the spare capacity of the phone and to see which apps have been using the most, one could go to settings app and click on `general’ tab and select `usage’. Your phone, after some calculation will portray a list of apps and how much storage capacity each of them has been utilising. Often photographs tend to take up most of the space.

2. Backup your photos 

The best thing to do is get a backup for photos. If one is using iCloud to backup photos, you could delete them from the camera roll and create more space on your phone and one can depend on iCloud for keeping them safe. A better precaution is to have a backup on a home computer wherein one could delete them one by one or click on select from the camera roll screen, ticking as many as desired and then delete them together.
3. Remove unused apps 

Often unused apps tend to accumulate over a period of time. You could scroll through the menu and check if there are games which are not used, or any apps which do not seem to be of use. On tapping and holding the icon, a small cross will appear towards the top-left. On pressing the cross the app can be deleted, providing more space on your device.

4. Handle your music

To make more space you could delete unwanted albums which could still be available on your computer if the need may arise at a later date. In order to delete music, you could swipe a song from right to left and a `delete’ button will appear.

5. Delete videos after watching them

Videos also tend to take upmore space than albums where a few films could use up several GB of your memory. The best thing is to delete them once the user has viewed them which would help in clearing space on the handset.

6. Files Downloaded to apps to be cleared 

Some of the apps have the capability of downloading files. For instance, iPlayer tends to download programmes which can be viewed later on. It there are videos downloaded which are not needed; you could go to the app and drain them. On checking on the usage list, one will get to know on any apps which could be taking up a large amount of space.

7. Limit podcasts 

Podcasts could be great where new content, tends to get delivered to the phone automatically. However, they could also accumulate quickly. In the podcasts section of the setting, one could tweak a few settings to limit the space that is taken up and under `limit episodes’, opt for only the most recent 2 to 5 episodes. You could opt to automatically delete played episodes.

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