Saturday, April 23, 2016

User Experience Design Blog: Examples of What to Emulate

The user experience industry is a constantly evolving one. For both seasoned practitioners and newbies, it is important to stay abreast of developments and be in the know about what is happening. The best way to do this is by following a user experience design blog, or a few really, to stay current. It's easy to set up an RSS feed in your email, and just receive the updates in your inbox. You can then choose to read it immediately, or set it aside for further reading later on.

The Best User Experience Design Blog

The good thing about following more than one user experience design blog is that you get to read the opinions and thoughts of recognized industry leaders. You can also follow niche blogs that discuss new trends and innovative topics.

Here are the top user design blogs in the industry:

1. Nielsen Norman Group

The Nielsen Normal Group or NNG is considered as an authority user experience design blog. It is one of the longest running blogs that discuss and cover everything about the UX topic. This blog is known for its insightful pieces which are backed by research and concrete examples. You will also find case studies and interviews. A new post comes out once a week and you can sign up to receive their “Alertbox Newsletter” to be sure that you don't miss any single update.

2. UX Booth

Another good example of a great user experience design blog is UX Booth. This blog is run not by a single person but features the work of several credible authors. It is a comprehensive and high quality blog which publishes lengthy articles which are well researched, with reference citations. It also suggests related materials for the audience to read should they be interested to learn more about the topic.

3. UX Movement

UX Movement is a blog that is geared towards user interfaces and how it affects the behavior of users. This is a very specific niche that focuses on interface and this complements theories and different perspectives offered on the blog. There are also plenty of visual examples which will appeal to artists, who are of course, more visual learners than text-oriented ones.

4. Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows comes out with a post only every other week, but it certainly makes up for it by sending out quality posts. The articles are well-researched, insightful, and represents all angles. There are usually articles on interaction design, business design, as well as information architecture. The topics are always useful and fresh.

5. A List Apart

This is a design blog which was created for people who truly do web design. It focuses on the best practices and standards when it comes to designing for websites. It contains both shorter blog pieces and longer articles. Both are well curated and are written very well. It does not publish as often though, so you better subscribe to receive it if and when a new post does appear.

Apart from user experience design blogs, you can also check out videos and some ebooks on the topic of user experience design to further your learning.

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