Friday, April 8, 2016

New Code Hints Apple will Finally let you Hide iPhone Apps


Ability of Hiding Unwanted Apple Apps

Apple phones are plagued with various apps which the company has pre-installed on its device in an attempt to compel you to use them. A group of Apple’s first party apps like Weather, Compass and Stocks and most of those apps tend to go into one folder which is rarely used. For several years, Apple had been criticised for not providing its users with the ability of removing or hiding these stock apps. It seems the company intends to give its customers some kind of flexibility with its next version of iOS.

According to new settings discovered in code for the App Store, users will have the ability of hiding unwanted Apple apps very soon. App Advice discovered recently, two new flags for classifying apps `isFirstParty’ and `isFirstPartyHideableApp’. These metadata flags recommend that Apple intends classifying some of its app as `hideable’ responding to one of the user’s biggest complaints for years.

Considering that Apple’s App Store selection is so massive that there are better third-party replacements for most of the built-in apps, several users have abandoned App’s defaults for their favoured experience many years back. However, not all the Apple apps would be hideable and it is safe to presume that the dialler and messages app would need to remain on the home screen.

Apple Bundled over 30 Apps by Default on iPhones

Apple has bundled more than 30 apps by default on iPhones and it is considered safe to accept that Apple views that some of them are not used often.CEO Tim Cook in an interview last year had informed BuzzFeed News that the company was aware that most of the its users were not big fans of the apps which it ships with its devices, but had added the complexities that are in play here before it can even think above giving its users the choice to remove apps.

He further stated that there were some apps which were linked to something else on the iPhone and if they were removed, there could be issues elsewhere on the phone. There were other apps which were not like that and so overtime, he thought of removing them. He was looking at offering the capability of hiding unwanted Apple apps. Some like the weather app seemed to be useful though others like Stocks would be appealing to only few of the users.

Trick to Stop Pre-Installed Apps Filling Up

A YouTube user has revealed a simple trick in stopping these pre-installed apps filling up the home screen. A video posted by the user shows him pressing and holding down an icon for a pre-installed Apple app on his home screen.

The pre-installed apps comprise of Pages, Numbers, Stocks, Calendar, Weather and much more. When the icon begins shaking, it is dragged over the top of another icon, creating a folder containing both those apps. He then presses and holds the app again before dragging it to the right and onto the second page of the folder.

On repeating this process, a third time, the app is dragged to the far right of the folder on the third page, while keeping hold of the app with his finger; he presses the home button, resulting in the apps to disappear. He explains that the apps are not totally removed from the phone but are simply hidden from view till the phone tends to get re-started. This could result in utilisation of storage space but the trick could at least make the home screen appear less messy with icons.

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