Thursday, May 16, 2013

Digital Publishing Solution!

Technology has been improving the various activities involved in our daily lives with the use of advanced solutions and software making headway in the smooth functioning of our overall working system. For all digital and publishing needs, service providers have been catering to technology software for digital publishing of documents for desktop and mobiles, which is eco friendly, easy and affordable. Digitizing publication helps in a paper free world which plays an important role in preservation of environment which is a necessity in the present world. With the reduction in paper, there is a decrease in printing and green house gases, trees are saved bringing about a healthy environment. In the present scenario, digital is getting more preference due to the fact that it can be accessed through iPhone, iPad mobile devices wherein they have the option of downloading apps and paid for content. Useful information and guidance is provided to the user at the site, with the option of a free trial with instructions to enable them to benefit from the same. Moreover, live customer support is also available for the user in case of any queries

The basic features of page flip software are integrated html, flash, widget, readers get the opportunity of high resolution reading experience for the finest print, can use the built in social book marking tools for promotion as well as share publication on Facebook, Twitter etc. They are searchable using keyword with quick access to the desired content. The user is also in control with the features like auto play or play on zoom and many more, which are displayed with details at the site. To gain all the knowledge and information pertaining to their features and benefits, users could get started with a free trial and envisage the benefit of converting a PDF file into a live interactive page flipping application, by furnishing the desired details at the site or could also contact them through phone, details of which are displayed at the site. A demo is also provided with the assistant of their customer service representative who gets in touch with the customer within 24 hours on submission of details required by them.

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