Saturday, May 4, 2013

Keyboard shortcuts “KillerKeys VR”

KillerKeys VR is a Bella Corporation’s program that displays the keyboard shortcuts in the form of a virtual keyboard. There are other applications offering something comparable as freeware like CheatSheet but KillerKeys VR gives much more freedom, options, and has a more intuitive interface. The program is free to download, but its business model is identical to some similar applications: it comes with shortcuts to some applications like Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8, Chrome, iTunes, Safari, and Firefox. For all other applications available, you have to pay online and download.

Unlike simple free apps, which simply seek the list of keyboard shortcuts for the application, without displaying those found in sub-menus, or without offering a convenient way to search or sort when the software has in many, KillerKeys VR offers a more complete solution. The program is not only a simple window with a list of shortcuts. It comes in the form of a virtual keyboard, somewhat reminiscent of the "Keyboard Viewer" in Mac OS X. You can change its size to make it take up as little space as possible to the screen, or otherwise favor the visibility of information by making him take a maximum size. The opacity is configurable, as well as display QWERTY or AZERTY. A button is there to bring up the foreground permanently. You can also call up the numbers in the form of a numeric keypad to the right of the virtual keyboard.

Interactive, on-screen keyboard change the information displayed in the various function keys like Control, Option and Command, pressed the screen on the virtual keyboard or actually KillerKeys VR on the keyboard of your Mac. These function keys are also "locking" to facilitate the search shortcuts. The display of the corresponding hotkeys uses color codes to help locate them. In addition, KillerKeys VR displays an information summarizing the command for the key on the keyboard is allowed to stand mouse bubble. A more complete version existing, KillerKeys Pro for the moment just on a home computer is also being developed on Mac. She added including pallets shortcuts freely configurable and floating above the interface of the application in which you want to use.

Finally, an iPad app should be offered on the iTunes Store in May ($ 9.90 or provided with the purchase of KillerKeys Pro). It will store shortcuts as icons that can launch a touch of the finger, without the need to widen the memory to remember the proper combination of keys. App contact KillerKeys VR through a WiFi connection. It will automatically recognize the program used on the Mac, and propose widgets (jog, sliders, virtual keyboard also includes the function keys on a Mac ...) to touch and easy access to the application settings.

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