Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flickr offers 1TB of storage now!

Flickr is one of the Yahoo! site dedicated to sharing photos and it has just now received a significant update. All its users are now entitled to 1 TB of storage for their photos, which can store more than 400,000 photos taken with your Smartphone. This storage space is totally free, but the site does not abandon paying formulas. Very important thing is; with this storage, Flickr wants to highlight the images in their native resolution. A new design supports the change and focus on the images in the same spirit as 500px, a competing service. The images are thus put forward with; they always have more space on the page and displays in Flickr albums and photos that are much more modern than previous time. Following the trend of the moment, each account is associated with a cover image to select from the photos. The effect is very successful, provided at least enough to have great pictures. While viewing a photo, we see almost more than the image. Technical information associated with the picture, comments and other elements are relegated to a second zone and must scroll down to see everything.

 Logic for this site that wants to highlight photos of yourchoice, but it will find its bearings. Same story on the home page that totally changes to highlight the latest images from Flickr accounts you are following. Thus we find a column with their latest additions and a sidebar with some elements put forward by the site. Also at the top of its sidebar is meant for advertising: and because it is now the only justification for pay. Until then, Flickr proposed two fairly simple formulas: one free was limited to 300 MB of photos per month and a small number of albums, while the other, pay, unlimited use of the site and allowed to store and organize all your photos without limits. With this new formula is a little more complicated ... The free offer limited to 1 TB of photos, but you no longer have a monthly limit and you can store all the photos or videos you want, as you follow the general limit. It must also rely on some constraints, such as a three-minute limit for videos and 200 MB for each photo, plenty to do.

 The pro offers Flickr will disappear. All those who currently have a subscription will retain the benefits until the end of their period and then they can renew their subscription. They can keep their benefits and will not see advertising, but other users can no longer subscribe to the pay offer. We can, however, purchase a paid subscription, but the basic formula just removes the ads. For about € 40 a year, you will not see advertisement on the site, but you do not have storage space and more. To store more images, you have to subscribe additional one TB that adds another terabyte (2TB total) for 390 € about the year. It's expensive, but for comparison, Google charges the same storage space $ 100 per month. Still supply Flickr pro was more interesting for twenty dollars a year; you could use the site without limits storage space.

If you still have an old subscription, you have more benefits in keeping it. The new site fits up to a certain point on your screen for Smartphones it will always turn to mobile applications. Yahoo! has just announced the release of a new Android application that uses the new Flickr on the iOS App Store. Although some changes are going to happen, especially on the issue of the maximum amount of pictures to be stored, this update of Flickr is unquestionably necessary and is successful in all. The new modern design is nice and highlighting original photos to the best.

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