Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Apple TV and magazine jailbreaks

Like Apple's mobile devices, it is possible to jailbreak the latest Apple TV (version 2 black, € 119). This manipulation is permitted through the firmware of this unit, similar to that of iOS. Unlike the first generation that was close to OS X then "hack" and not "jailbreak". The purpose of jailbreaking is to fully exploit the impressive capabilities of the device with software a bit more practical than those offered as standard by Apple.

To jailbreak your Apple TV there is no need for technical prerequisites. However you must obtain a micro USB cable that is not provided by Apple.

The main advantage of jailbreaking the Apple TV is to overcome the constraints of media formats and do without iTunes. No need to convert all of your movies. Mp4, your device will process the same way. Avi,.

Mov or even. Mkv and can dip into any folder of your computer. Before to install applications on your Apple TV2, he must first jailbreak in order to take full control. This practice, while legal in the U.S. (read: U.S. jailbreak becomes legal under certain conditions) has not clarified the status in France - and Europe - and is not appreciated by Apple. If a problem should be to restore your device with iTunes.

First step, the jailbreak

For this step you need a micro USB cable, the Apple TV's power cable and an Internet connection to download updates and software you need. The jailbreak hackers are not reserved for the more experienced there is a miryade applications to break down the security of the device you want. In this area, with its Firecore ATV Flash is the leader and pioneer (he was already on the Apple TV first name). In addition to providing their system applications they provide user friendly tool to bypass the security of the box Apple.

For this test we will retain their application more suitable - for completely dedicated to jailbreak the Apple TV - compared to other software like PwnageTool or greepois0n. In addition to being efficient it is extremely easy to use, with a few clicks you're done whether tethered or untethered.

Tethered vs. Untethered: Under these obscure names lurk two different methods of jailbreak. The first requires you to have your device connected to your computer to boot. If for some reason x or y you are to have to restart your computer terminal without iOS it will no longer operational. In contrast, the "untethered jailbreak" offers a solution that installs a firmware (. ISPW) changed on your device. You are then free to restart it as you wish without losing its system or its capabilities. Also, if you experience instability, it will be easy to restore the firmware jailbroken ready stored on your computer.

It is strongly recommended to go through an untethered solution, but this requires being patient. The solution usually tethered out fairly quickly after an update of the system while the untethered is sometimes desired.

Preparing for Apple TV

Plug the power outlet and connect your Apple TV to your computer via the micro USB cable. Before launching the application, we recommend upgrading the Apple TV in recovery mode also called "DFU". Although requested by the software at one stage it is sometimes the operation of jailbreak does not work very well if the unit is not in this mode. With the Apple TV remote, press Press and hold menu and down to see the LED flashing on the front very quickly. And press release right after the menu button and play / pause to review the rapid flashing of the LED on the front. If you have passed these two operations, the LED will flash regularly on the front which will indicate that your device is properly entered into DFU mode.

Initially seas0npass will download the firmware from Apple's servers that the application needs. In case of connection problems or crashes the firmware software will be stored in the User / Documents / Tether. Subsequently, once the application has finished creating your customized firmware seas0npass will automatically launch iTunes and install this last. In failure, restart the procedure with seas0npass. It is tempting to import the created firmware via iTunes but Apple servers will reject validation loop ISPW file provided by seas0npass. Now you have jailbroken Apple TV two solutions available to you. Install the command line each application you want (manipulation to book for experienced users) or invest in the solution Firecore ATV flash (black) is a package all-in-one for installing and configuring applications third on your Apple TV. For this guide we will retain the second solution is more affordable by the general public ($ 40 with one year of updates). Whatever the solution, from now you no longer need to connect your device direct to your computer. You can reconnect the unit to your TV since the sequence of operations is via the local network.

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