Friday, December 30, 2011

The best apps to start - II

Reading file: GoodReader

GoodReader for iPhone (€ 3.99) and GoodReader for iPad (€ 3.99) adds the complete management of files to terminal iOS. More than just a reading lamp, also known GoodReader connect to a computer or server to retrieve or add a file. The application specializes in PDF reader with support for annotations in particular, but the most common formats are supported.

Cuisine: Marmiton

Scullion provides access to the site of the famous recipes in a suitable interface to the iPad, including a cooking mode very well thought out. Provided you have an Internet connection, you will have access to over 50,000 recipes in French. Also available on iPhone (Free).


    - Visual Kitchen (€ 3.99) gives immediately feel like cooking, iPhone and iPad. Not a recipe manager, but rather a cookbook with beautiful images.
    - If you want to access your own recipes
    MacGourmet touch for iPhone (€ 2.39) and MacGourmet touch for iPad (3.99 €) is a comprehensive recipe manager. Synchronization possible with a Mac application.

Shopping list: Groceries

Groceries (€ 0.79) is a shopping list application for comprehensive and well thought out. Designed for the iPhone, it includes an extensive collection of items to buy, but unfortunately all in English. However, you can easily buy your own components and deal very quickly and your lists.


    - MonCaddy - Shopping List (Free), the same principle, but with a French interface that highlights images for each product.

Alarm clock: Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (€ 0.79) You wake up in time. The iPhone should be placed on the mattress next to your pillow and the application monitors your sleep all night. In the morning she will wake you up when you are in a phase of light sleep.


    - Weather Clock Radio - Sonio (Free) is an alarm clock or radio complete with the day's weather. Also available iPad (Free).
    - IReveilPro2 (€ 0.79) You wake up with the iPhone or iPad with the radio, music or sounds that you record. You can also fall asleep to music and even the application informs you of birthdays and the day's weather.

Design: SketchBook Pro

SketchBook Pro for iPad (€ 3.99) transforms the iPad drawing board. All options expected of a drawing software are present including layers and a multitouch interface adapted to the tablet from Apple. Also available on iPhone (1.59 €).


    - Adobe Ideas (€ 4.99) serves as a virtual sketchbook. This application allows iPhone and iPad quickly draw drawings, diagrams or drawings on a white sheet or from an existing image. In-app purchases (€ 0.79) add management layers.

Music: Rockmate

Rockmate (€ 2.99) turns your iPhone into full rock band. The idea is to play more (up to four) on the same shelf sharing a side of the screen with a battery, a keyboard and two guitars. What compose songs very quickly.


    - You feel the soul of a DJ? djay (€ 15.99) makes your iPhone a full plate. Also available in iPhone (€ 0.79).
    - GuitarToolkit (7.99 €) is dedicated to guitarists. This iPhone / iPad contains all the useful tools: Tuner, metronome a large collection of chords, arpeggios and scales.

Finally ...

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