Friday, December 30, 2011

The best apps to start -I

Instagram is a free social network built around photos with filters that knows a great success. Filters are quality, but they are optional and the application can also be used to power a Twitter account or Facebook.


    - Camera + (€ 0.79): Perhaps the most comprehensive application for the iPhone camera. Many options, filters and also sharing opportunities on the Internet.
    - If you like the pictures back, Hipstamatic (€ 1.59) is undoubtedly the best solution. Quality filters, but a fee.


PhotoForge2 (€ 1.59) grows far the principle of Photoshop iOS. This application manages the photos taken by the terminal, but also with any camera, including RAW, up to 20 megapixels. The editing tools are many and sharp, with layer management and complete history. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.


    - Photogene for iPhone ² (€ 0.79) is close to the idea, with some additional features such as the assembly of several photos. Also on iPad (€ 2.39).
    - Application of formal specialist editing, Adobe Photoshop Express (free) offers a few editing tools including filters and effects, but can also reduce the digital noise (in-app purchase of € 3.99). Available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Calculator: Calcbot

Calcbot (1.59 €) is a little calculator that Apple could have proposed, at least on the iPad. The application is also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and each time it proposes a calculation history with the possibility to exploit a new result.


    - Operations (Free) is pretty close, but reserved for the iPad.
    - For fans of calculations in RPN mode, PCalc RPN Calculator (€ 7.99) is certainly the best offer on the App Store. Full of features and themes in the program. Also available in lite.
    - Soulver (€ 2.99) and Soulver for iPad (€ 4.99) does not reproduce the physical aspect of a calculator and provide many other functions. Can be calculated by writing his calculations, but also convert currencies.  Also available on Mac.

Chat: IM Verbs

Verbs IM (Free) is a chat application support multiple protocols (GTalk, AIM, Facebook and icloud) and has an elegant interface on iPhone and iPad. The pro version sold € 3.99 for purchase in-app to stay connected for a week.


    - BeejiveIM with Push (€ 3.99) handles more protocols including MSN. Also available iPad (€ 3.99) and version reserved for MSN (free).
    - Facebook Messenger (Free) offers a quick and easy access to Facebook discussions.

Twitter: Tweetbot

Tweetbot (2.39 €) is a comprehensive Twitter client for the iPhone. With an elegant interface, it offers all the functions associated with the social network, including filters and instant notifications.


    - The official Twitter application (Free) has recently undergone a major update to the iPhone. The interface has been completely redesigned with an emphasis on simplicity and the discovery of new content. Application compatible with the iPad.
    - Neue Twittelator - Twitter Client for iOS5 (€ 1.59) offers an innovative and elegant interface including highlighting the images associated with posts.

News: Flipboard

Flipboard (Free) to track the news, but only the one you want. This application for iPhone and iPad brings together various information sources and formats specifically for mobile devices


    - Fludir (Free), (Free), Pulse News for iPad (Free) or ZITE Personalized Magazine (Free) are all alternatives, such as iPad iPhone.
    - Instapaper (€ 3.99) is quite different: the idea is to save articles to read later without an Internet connection. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.

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