Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Apple May buy a flash memory specialist

Apple plans to buy an Israeli company specializing in flash memories for 400 to 500 million dollars, reports TechCrunch post information to a local site, Calcalist which does not manufacture any flash memory. Anobit developed a series of algorithms, integrated into controllers, and able to significantly improve the longevity and performance of these memories (MLC type), while reducing costs. In one of its brochures, Anobit said to multiply by 20 the number of cycles of read / write. This is offset by the software limitations of the physical memory MCL (Multi Level Cell) which by their ability to store more information also wear out faster.

Anobit makes no mention of its customers but the Israeli site, the origin of information, indicates that Apple is already working with Anobit, through its providers components for its MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad 4S. In early August, Anobit announced it had sold more than 20 million units of its controller "MSP" (Memory Signal Processing) for smartphones, tablets and media players. She also designs SSD storage solutions for enterprise servers.

If the amount advanced is proved, it would correspond to that Apple paid for NeXT (429 million) in 1996. Anobit has patented its technology - it refers to 95 patents including 21 issued and it was acquired by Apple and would allow it to book this process to his own use. From the Israeli website sources, Anobit has about 200 employees it has subsidiaries in Korea and the United States.

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