Tuesday, December 27, 2011

eBizcuss conflict with Apple

Historically, relations between Apple and its partners have been strained for the delivery of its products. But eBizcuss, the situation has worsened with the arrival of the Apple Store on French territory. The French distributor, owner of the sign ICLG, accused the American not to honor orders for iPhone and iPad since last summer. EBizcuss's lawyer, Marc Santoni, does not beat around the bush. He told the BBC: "It is the abuse of dominant position, unfair competition". And it becomes problematic for eBizcuss whose sales at constant decreased 30% in the third quarter as the group according to its CEO did not receive any iPad 2 or MacBook Air. 

Prudent François, adds that in recent weeks, the iPhone has been lacking 4S. Given this situation, eBizcuss decided not to stop there and filed an urgent application in late November against Apple. The French group is further back against his partner that has invested heavily to upgrade its sales and bring them into line with the criteria of Apple. François Prudent said that this operation has cost 5 million euros, and it has not reported much. Another problem raised by eBizcuss: competition from Apple in the market for the company. "The proposals submitted to Apple commercial enterprises are lower than prices at which we buy the equipment," said François Prudent. EBizcuss critics are not surprising, they echo what happened in the United States a few years ago when Apple has increased its store openings.

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