Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Changes in Apple

By the way the G3 to G4, the PowerBook has lost the flexibility of removable bays and exquisite design while curve from the aluminum cold that reigned seven years on the range. Apple has also, seemingly insignificant details, changed the direction of its logo on the hood of this machine. We knew that this decision has caused much discussion among users, and a stir at Apple: the bitten apple should she deal with the owner of the computer, close cover, or offer to passers, cover open? What we did not know is that Steve Jobs himself had settled the debate in one way or the other. The advertising Ken Segall, who attended Steve Jobs for 14 years, working in particular on the Think Different campaign and inventing the name iMac, returned to the meeting where the decision to change the orientation of the apple was taken.
Initially, Steve Jobs had lobbied for the apple is "the right way" to the user, cover closed. The first notebooks from Apple did not put forward the company logo, relegated to a corner of the cover, very small. Only with the PowerBook G3 that the question has arisen: the reasoning of Jobs was a customer who spent a few thousand dollars for his machine had the right to have the logo in the right direction once he saw it. This logo was also used as a benchmark to leave the computer in a good way to open it. With the PowerBook G4, the boss of Apple and its marketing teams have changed their minds, while laptops were becoming common and to be - at sidewalk cafes and libraries, but also in the TV series and the films. The pleasure of the user had to give way to considerations promotional: it was necessary that everyone can identify the Apple logo first glance, the computer becomes an advertising placement - with or without the consent of the client.

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