Friday, November 22, 2013

How android is better than the iPhone

android vs iPhone
Android is the one of the leading operating system which is used in most of the mobile phones rather than using iOS. Since apple comes with its iOS devices, people are buying android based smartphones for their day-to-day use. In the field of entertainment, Android is the king which plays various roles in creating innovation among the developers. On the other hand, Apple’s iPhones are class and they are most sophisticated ones which is available in the market. This makes you to get confused which one will be your favorite choice while selecting the devices. The features of android make the android to be a better choice while considering both iPhones and Android mobiles.

1. Storage Memory: The memory capacity of the android smartphones will range according to their hardware features. This allows you to extend your device memory to external storage too; you can extend your storage of your smartphone by using external memory sticks. But this option is not available in the iPhone; the memory capacity of the iPhone is limited since it has only built-in memory. This adds a point to the android devices and you can extend your memory by using external memory stick. Users can easily buy the memory sticks and they can replace one memory stick after another when it gets full of free memory space. Even they can dedicate each memory stick for movies, songs and so on.

2. Multi-Tasking: The process of multi-tasking is very poor in the apple’s iPhone. You can only open a single application at a time. In iPhones, you cannot open more than a single application. If you want to open other applications, you need to close the previous one and then only you can able to open another application in your device. But the android mobiles are totally different, you can open any application as you want until the RAM gets full. This is an amazing feature which is present over the android devices. You can run more than a single application at a time. For example, you can open Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends and at the same time you can minimize it and open another application too. This even adds another point to the android mobiles and devices.

3. Battery: Apple’s iPhones comes with the in-built battery which cannot be removed very easily. In case of any failure, you cannot easily change the battery of the device and you need to take it to the service center. But you can easily change the battery of the android devices. In case of any battery failure, you can easily change the battery by simply removing the case of the android devices. The removable battery in the android devices brings out the android mobile to be the best devices than the iPhone.

Hope you have found the best devices for your day to day activities and you can easily bring out the differences between the iPhone and the other android devices by using these features.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top Best Free iPhone Music Apps

Band of the day
iPhone little expensive than other leading brands of mobile and tablets. In the same manner iPhone apps can be little too expensive than that of Apps in Google Play Store. This major expensiveness is due to its source. iPhone apps are closed source unlike the Android market. These app will be especially expensive when try to get them too much.Providentiallysome of the best music apps won’t cost you a much. Apps in iPhone can be used to listen free music or also functional to identify unknown song on the radio, so on fetching this iPhone app would add worthy to your collection.

1. Band of the day 

If you interested in discovering new music everyday this will be a precious app. Often app like other music app won’t provide you any sample music regarding the search. Band of the day provide you nearly 3 or 5 songs related to your search and helps to relate that is that musician satisfies your interest. When you skew like mad on a few genres-singer or writer,folk or blue then you’ll love this app, would have downloads at Itune.

2. Pandora Radio 

If you checkout the iPhone App store and review the most downloaded music app then Pandora Radio will be at the top. This is so because it is easy to download, very simple to use and works extremely to your satisfaction. Pandora app sets itself apart from the internet radio, as it allows to play a customized playlist as per the user. But the drawback comes to existence when you need to listen to more music because you’re limited to 40 hours of free music.

3. Shazam 

If your favorite number is going on the radio and doesn’t know who actually composed it, surely it’s going to be frustrating. Shazam really resolves this problem by hearing the music 10sec, it gives the complete details about that particular song. This song provides you 5 song identifications per month.


An competitor to Pandora which offers the same service as them but also it has some unique features associated with them like tour dates, calenders. You can skip as much song as you can and no restriction. It offers as many songs as possible but takes a lit longer to buffer.

5. Slacker Internet Radio 

Slacker Internet Radio offers you to access hundreds of radio stations. Offer you to personalize according to user’s wish, fine-tune also possible to those stations.

6. Rhapsody 

App discussed above will avail at free of cost initially but this app will cost at least $9.99 per month. This on the other side will offer to hear over 11 millionsong. Rhapsody allows you to listen songs offline, which is a massive benefit.

Best Practises of DVD Printing

You've taken the time and effort to produce a DVD for your clients, workers or the general public. Now you want to present it in the best possible light, Duplication Centre can help.

With clients including BMW, Vodafone, Aviva and more, Duplication Centre have built an enviable reputation for customer service, quality, quick turnaround and price since they launched in 2004. The Essex-based firm have built an unrivalled reputation and 50% of their clients are happy customers coming back for more, so the quality speaks for itself.

A Complex Art

DVD printing on a large scale is a complicated art and Duplication Centre has invested heavily in the market-leading Xerox machinery to print directly to the disc. They will not use cheaper litho, offset or thermal printing techniques, as they simply don't believe they give the best result for the client. Duplication Centre does not print on labels that can be stuck to the disc either, it gives a cheap and often grainy finish that does not belong at this level. Instead they offer full-colour printing direct to the disc that gives the best result each and every time.

So if you want simple black letting or one-colour letters you can be sure that the edges will be crisp and clean. And if you want to go further and have a dramatic full-colour design covering the surface of your disc then you know if will turn out perfect, vibrant and rich.

The Customer is King, They Remember That

At Duplication Centre they pride themselves on customer service, too. So as well as 24-hour turnaround times the client gets a dedicated DVD Duplication manager that is available 24/7 to answer your queries or just to let you know how your disc is progressing. When you're on a tight deadline, that piece of mind if priceless, as is the tracked next-day UK mainland delivery service that lets you know exactly when your discs will arrive.

Duplication Centre firmly believes in transparent pricing, too, so an online tool on the website tells you exactly what you'll pay before you even pick up the phone. In fact their automated system means you never have to. You can order online, deliver artwork and track the whole process online, saving you time and money.

Online Art Creation

When it comes to artwork, Duplication Centre can save you money again. You can upload professionally designed Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw files, or you can use their innovative online Artwork Creator tool. You don't need any design skills and even with limited computer knowledge you can have your own, professional-looking design produced in mere minutes.

A thin coat of lacquer ensures the colours pop and your DVD is not only protected, it will also come with that luxurious lustre that marks an expensive disc apart. And Duplication Centre does not forget the packaging.

Package Price

Duplication Centre offers DVD wraps, booklets or printed inlays for DVD cases, even Digipaks that are fully cellowrapped if you wish to go for the full dramatic effect. They use 210gsm Xerox stock gloss paper that has the right weight and quality and can provide a full DVD wrap and printed booklet for the DVD case, unless the client simply wants the DVD wrap or a booklet in a plastic wallet for conference giveaway DVDs and other uses.

Whatever packaging you decide upon, Duplication Centre will give you the best possible results at the best possible price, in the best possible time.
Martin Jonson is director of the UK's leading DVD/Blu-ray/CD duplication company providing exceptional quality at the lowest UK prices. He offers next day delivery anywhere in the UK and will complete your job quickly with the greatest care. You can connect with him on Google+.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mactracker updated to OS X and iOS

Mactracker, this database of Apple hardware and software has been updated to OS X and iOS . The software is free for both. The change in shape is more visible side iOS, but Mactracker is primarily a database interface which is fairly common.

The mobile version is now reserved for iOS 7. The content is rich. The number of utility compiles technical data and details on all hardware configurations and accessories Apple. In addition to some elements of order anecdotal as code names and startup sounds different Mac.

Can indeed listen (special mention for the first Power Mac 6100/7100/8100 more crystalline than today). Go down the specifications, the Play Startup Chime button. Apart from this little refreshment , content has expanded with the addition of references to the latest mobile Retina , the late 2013 iMac, the new iPad and iPhone and iOS and OS X newly released, the maximum number of cycles of batteries Mobile is now available , etc.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is Scotland falling behind on superfast mobile broadband?

A report by Ofcom, the UK’s communications watchdog, has published a report showing that despite nearly 75 per cent of UK homes having access to superfast broadband, this figure is significantly lower in Scotland.

In the report, it is revealed that only 52 per cent of properties in Scotland have access to superfast broadband. There is a small increase compared to the previous year, when this figure stood at 45 per cent, but overall, the country is lagging behind the rest of the UK. Only 9 per cent of homes in rural and remote parts of Scotland can access superfast broadband, which is considerably less than the 25 per cent reported in rural areas in the rest of the UK.

Ofcom’s data also shows that more than a quarter of Scottish homes don’t have access to even 2G coverage, whilst over half can’t access 3G networks. The price comparison website uSwitch said that the rollout of the EE 4G phone network to increasingly more towns and cities could help the situation in Scotland. Broadband expert Marie-Louise Abretti said:

“The Scots are trailing well behind England and Northern Ireland when it comes to superfast availability – frustrating for anyone suffering sluggish speeds,”

“With mobile internet not up to scratch in Scotland either, Ofcom’s report makes for grim reading.

“There is a glimmer of hope as EE has plans to roll out 4G to rural areas, but the network has suggested these plans may be put on hold if Ofcom increases spectrum fees,”

Scotland’s mobile data use was found to have increased by a massive 51 per cent compared to last year, as more people take advantage of 4G contract, PAYG and 4G SIM only plans on EE and other networks. However, despite the growth, mobile data use in Scotland was found to be lower than in the rest of the UK overall.