Wednesday, January 20, 2016

iPhone 7 to Feature Wireless Charging and Waterproof Body


Apple’s Next iPhone – Wireless Charging

According to a report, the next iPhone of Apple would be the first to have wireless charging. A source has informed Fast Company that as support for the QI charging technology which tends to charge phones when they are placed on an inductive pad, would feature in the new model.The iPhone 7 would have a waterproof body due to the chemical coating and would do away with the headphone jack of the iPhone, as reported earlier.

If the wireless charging tends to be introduced, the iPhone 7 would be joining several Android models, inclusive of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 flagship that have the potential of charging by placing them on pads rather than being physically plugged into cables.

 It is said that the technology does not permit charging to be done over the air though it requires phone to be placed on distinct surface. The company’s first product with inbuilt inductive charging was the Apple Watch which utilises a magnetic connector that snaps onto the back of the device and recently had created a bigger magnetic charging dock based on the same design as its inductive charging puck.

New Wireless Headphones/New Handset

Inductive charging tends to work when electricity is transferred between two objects, the charging pad and the phone, for instance, through two coils such as a transmitter and a receiver. Alternating current is passed through the transmitter that tends to generate a magnetic field which in turn induces voltage in the receiver that can be utilised to power to charge a battery or a mobile device.

If Apple intends to incorporate the technology, owners of iPhone can benefit from Ikea’s wireless charging furniture range together with charging hubs in Starbucks as well as McDonalds all over the country. The option to remove the headphone jack for the purpose of creating a thinner body would ascertain to be a controversial one.

The company would probably include new wireless headphones together with new handset or a pair of headphones that tend to link to the phone through a lightning connector. The source has also mentioned that the company would incorporate noise-cancelling technology from Wolfson Microelectronics, a UK audio company that aims to eradicate background sound.

Technology Incorporated in Various Devices

Since June 2014, third parties were capable of creating lightning connector headphones, when Apple had extended its Made-for-iPhone licensing programme. The new iPhone was scheduled for release in September and signify an important moment in the history of Apple.

 It is said that the company had reportedly slashed production levels of the iPhone 6s as well as partner unit, 6s Plus by a third, due to fears of slowing demand for the `fallow year’s models, inspite of initial sales of over 13 million units in the three day of availability.

The iPhone 7 would have to have more innovative hardware changes in order to entice the legions of fan to purchase it since the developing markets tend to reach increasing levels of saturation as economy tends to shift from a purchase to an upgrade cycle.

Some of the smartphones as well as smartphone accessories have wireless charging abilities built in and this technology is being incorporated into various types of devices, appliances and much more.

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