Thursday, September 10, 2015

iPhone 7 'will be as Thin as an iPod Touch'

Apple is set to host its mega September 9 event where it will be releasing the latest iterant of iPhone dubbed as iPhone 6s. But rumor mills are working overtime to second guess the specifications and features of next generation iPhone7 devices. On such rumor which is worth considering comes from a analyst at KGI Securities named Ming Chi Kuo who believes that next generation iPhone device will be as thin as the current iPod Touch.

The latest iPhone 6 and 6Plus, which was released last year was quite think device and bigger devices features 6.9mm and 7.1 mm thickness respectively. This analyst is predicting a further decline in the iPhone devices in upcoming generation in the range of 6mm to 6.5mm, which means will have to stick with its cell panel display technology over the glass screens.

Apple has made a trend to release thinner devices

Apple has long been following its self-made trend which focuses on developing more thinner and studier devices than before especially in the Smartphone segment. Thinner iPhones had earlier raised the concerns over the durability of handset but Apple has been able to bring the enhanced durability to its sleeker phones with reliance on studier materials.

It should be noted that a recent testing conducted on the iPhone 6s anodized aluminum shell had found that the device possessed the ability twice much amount of pressure the iPhone 6. The latest version of iPhone to be more precise the iPhone 6s was able to withstand 80 pounds pressure quite easily, which is good sign for the iPhone lovers.

Engadget Japan reports a thicker iPhone 6S

Engadget Japan had earlier suggested that iPhone 6s will be 0.2 mm thicker than the earlier iPhone device due to use of a new alloy. Analysts had made a lot of predictions about iPhone 6s which includes it might come with a relatively new rose gold design. Rumor mills even proclaims that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will feature a relatively new 12 mp camera shooter with the capability of 4k video recording. Even the front facing camera will have the top notch imaging quality and video reproduction ability with 1080p videos at 60fps along with a flash support.

Force touch technology on new phones will be norm

Apple will be upgrading its new generation of iPhones with much acclaimed Force Touch technology, which will enhance the user experience. Force Touch technology can easily detect between the different kinds of presses on the screen and can offer different actions on basis of it with ease and grace. Reports suggest that this technology will help the users in enabling the menu shortcuts by performing different kind of simple presses right on the screen.

An enhanced Apple TV is also coming
Apple TV will be making a new move with featuring a one-of-a kind touch pad remote along with extra inbuilt storage and presence of Siri in it. Siri will help users in browsing content and selecting from different programs and it will also suggest the content to watch from.

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