Monday, February 5, 2018

WhatsApp Messenger Now Officially Supports Apple CarPlay

WhatsApp Messenger now compatible with CarPlay

WhatsApp is the first messenger app that is now also supported by Apple's CarPlay system: This was previously Apple's own messaging service iMessage (which can also send and receive SMS), reserved. With the update to WhatsApp version 2.18.20 WhatsApp but to bring the necessary support. After pairing the iPhone then appears WhatsApp icon on the car display.

Anyone who knows how to use and appreciate the comfort of Apple's CarPlay in the car will have missed a comprehensive compatibility with the WhatsApp Messenger in many a situation painfully. That could finally change - thanks to a nondescript WhatsApp update.

WhatsApp is supposed to be able to interact with Apple's CarPlay. Accordingly, the innovation does not fall directly on, because the CarPlay icon for the messenger apparently not in the foreground. But at least by looking into the CarPlay settings of the iOS options, it is clear that the messenger has actually been integrated into the system. More safety and comfort On the Apple devices, the feature was probably in the wake of the just-rolled WhatsApp update for iOS with the version number 2.18.20.

However, official information on this not insignificant innovation does not appear to be provided by WhatsApp yet. Also in connection with the recent update for the messenger only "bug fixes" the speech, so the correction of minor errors. A circumstance that is at least surprising, since many iPhone users have been waiting almost eagerly for the feature. From now on, you can use it to read WhatsApp messages from Siri and answer them directly, without being distracted while driving - exactly as it is the case with conventional messages.

Feature is missing? Manually trigger WhatsApp update

If the feature has not arrived yet, you can simply manually update WhatsApp via the App Store. Once done, the function should be directly integrated and the corresponding CarPlay icon will appear as soon as you connect your iPhone to a CarPlay-compatible car.

Supporting CarPlay lets you read incoming messages or dictate new messages to Siri - and the icon also shows you how many unread messages there are. However, the news can only be read out in sequence - scrolling through the individual messages is not possible. However, with Siri you can read the last messages of a person as before: "Hey Siri, read the WhatsApp messages from Martin!".

When you receive a new message, it will now also be displayed on the CarPlay screen so that you can respond directly and have the message read to you. New in the WhatsApp update is also a search function in the group members: If you click in a group chat on the group name, can now also search for participants in a large group - WhatsApp itself writes to the new features of the update, however, only "bug fixes".

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