Wednesday, May 27, 2020

iPhone Face ID not Working? Here’s the Solution

 iPhone Face ID not Working
Face ID is used for a lot of things, to unlock your phone, to authenticate apps and more. It’s an interesting piece of new technology to use. But what happens when it’s not working properly? No need to worry there are some few things to try before throwing up the towel. Is your iPhone Face ID not working? In this post we’ll be helping you fix it. So lets’ get to it the, shall we?

First of all iPhones that support Face ID: 

Face ID is a relatively new feature to hit the iPhone market. So only a few iPhones have it. The main iPhones that have it are the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, The iPhone XR and the iPhone X. Only these iPhones come with Face ID.

Check for updates in fixing your iPhone face ID not working: 

To make sure that your face ID feature not working is not a software issue, check to see if you are updated. You can do so by checking the settings on your iPhone.

A little word of advice before updating your phone is to make sure you back up data to iTunes or iCloud as you don’t want to lose any files if the update does not work out properly.

To check for an update simply go on to settings then general. You should then see if you are updated or there’s still more updates to install.

If there’s an update, click on install to get started. You may have to temporarily remove some apps if iOS needs more space to install the latest addition. You can always reinstall those apps later on. Once you’ve installed the update, try Face ID to see if it’s fixed. If not continue on to the next step.

Checking Face ID settings: 

By checking Face ID settings you can make sure that your Face ID is properly configured to your phone. To do so you can go on to settings and then Face ID and Passcode. From there check if everything is set up right. Also make sure that the areas where you’d like to use Face ID are shown as turned on. What Happens when your Face ID isn’t really set up?

You need to set up face ID to actually begin using it. To do so go on to settings then Face ID and Passcodes. From there click on getting started. Line up your face so that it is in the center of the frame provided. Move you face slowly from side to side till the circle is completed. You need to hold the phone steady enough to do this properly. After finishing press continue.

You’ll have to repeat the process a second time. Then tap done to complete.

Check the TrueDepth Camera in fixing Your iPhone Face ID not working issue: 

If you’ve tried all the steps above and nothing seems to work, then try the TrueDepth camera. Make sure that it is not obstructed in any way or covered in dirt or grime.

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