Monday, June 20, 2016

The Smart Earplugs That are Giving 20,000 US Soldiers 'Super Hearing’ and They Could be Coming to Your iPhone

Super hearing

Smart Earbuds to Diminish High-Level Instinct Noise

With more than half of the troops returning from battle zones having some kind of damage to their hearing now around 20,000 military members seem to be using earbuds which tends to diminish the high-level instinct noises while intensifying very low signature kinds of sound for great hearing capabilities. The military device known as Tactical Communication and Protective System – TCAPS, can be utilised in headset for all ranges from construction workers to music lovers.

TCAPS tends to reduce noise to 85 decibels, enabling soldiers to hear as well as communicate over loudnoise of gunfire which is at least 150 decibels. When placed in the ear, the tip of the earbud tends to sit for 15 to 20 seconds to enlarge to full capacity for comfortable fit where the tips can last from a week to a month based on how clean the ears may be as well as the fit, as reported by Leesville Daily Leader.

The unit tends to bear a resemblance to a traditional pair of earbuds together with some additional high tech features and some of the models can connect to the communication gear of the soldier. TCAPS was first developed in 2007 by Army’s Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Monroe.

Earbuds – Solve the Problem of Hearing Damage

Captain Jack Moore, part of the Project Manager Soldier Warrior team stated that the team wished that these earbuds would solve the problem of hearing damage by actively decreasing damaging battlefield noise as well as enhancing the hearing and communication in delivering tactical advantage.

He added that over the years, they have seem a large amount of dollars being spent in benefiting the soldiers who had lost their hearing in training or battle and that they are now attempting to resolve the problem in a way which they can not only get improved hearing protection but also an improvement in communication competences integrated too. Lt. Col Kristen Casto, audiology consultant to the Army’s surgeon general had informed NPR that `your ears cannot handle loud sounds without suffering mechanical damage to the inner ear which results in permanent hearing loss’.

Adjustable Volume Knobs

Casto explained that the soldiers have turned to a simple way of protecting their ears by sticking a piece of expandable foam in the ear though when the need to maintain auditory awareness arises, it is not the proper hearing protector. TCAPS could only provide soldiers with protection from high ambient sounds as well situational alertness though the device permits clear two-way audio communication between the radio and the user.

Doug Brungart, chief scientist at the audiology and speech pathology centre at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre informed that the technology is not actually that complicated and adds that you can think of the system as having adjustable volume knob. The louder the sound tends to get outside, the more it seems to turn down the volume and the person wearing the device could still hear the sound though it will never get so loud that it would cause any kind of damage.

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