Monday, June 27, 2016

iScout ‘Head up Display’ Helps Drivers with Directions and Blind Spots


iScout Head-Up-Displays for Safe Driving

Having no standouts on the markets, Heads-Up Displays – HUDs for cars did not catch up and a new competitor, iScoutis making attempts in addressing several of these issues. iScout is a patent that is pending HUD which develops all information needed for driving like fuel level, car speed, GPS navigation as a floating virtual image before the vehicle. It syncs to the smartphone displaying incoming calls, reminders, messages, social media content together with notifications and several other features like blind-spot view accompanied with an integrated dashcam.

 It shows notifications from apps such as WhatsApp, rejects or takes call with a hand-wave and tends to have blind-spot cameras. The purpose of HUD is to make driving much safer wherein the driver will not have the need to take his eyes off the road for any information needed while driving. Recent study indicates that it takes less time for the driver to get this information from a HUD as against looking at a conservative display – phone screen/GPS device, as it takes substantially lesser time for the eye to move the focus from the road to the display and back. This warrants that the attention of the driver is on the road and hence tends to lessen the accident risks.

Photochromic Display Works in Day/Night Conditions

It is launching on Kickstarter and may never be shipped. With this bit of doubt out of the way, the company tends to have a solid-looking sample together with plenty of good features. The `photochromic display works in both day and night conditions and seems to have its own app and GPS to display heads-up route direction. Moreover the device also tends to connects to the smartphone over Bluetooth, enabling the user to accept or reject calls by waving your hand, for instance while keeping the GPS on the screen.

 The user can also compose text through voice dictation and view notifications from apps like WhatsApp and Twitter or even control music from Spotify etc. Since iScout has the capability of connecting with the OBD plug of the vehicle, you could also view information such as fuel level, speed and maintenance problems. Should you be running short of gas, it could indicate an alert, guiding you to the nearest service station.

Premium Model – Blind Spot Cameras

Premium model tend to have blind spot cameras which activates automatically when turn signals are used helping to keep the eyes on the road. With regards to the camera, the device has a forward looking dashcam in the event of any accidents. The product is being marketing by the company as a safety device. However, receiving notifications on the device could be as distracting as checking the same on the phones. According to the company, it’s about as safety-friendly as one is going to get in a connect car.

The display for instance `is focused into the distance and shown just below your line of sight, which means that it will need very little of your attention to check your GPS, speed together with the other information compared to in-car on-dash devices. The iScout is on pre-order for basic edition, starting at $269 and $299 for premium model with blind spot cameras.

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