Thursday, June 2, 2016

Apple Pencil 2 new Features and Release Date Rumour

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil – Stylus for iPad Pro – Best Tablet Stylus

The Apple Pencil, the stylus for the iPad Pro is perhaps said to be the best tablet stylus presently in the world. The first Apple Pencil had been launched together with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in September 2015 and hence the most apparent time to anticipate an update is in autumn 2016. In the iPad Pro 2 report summary, various theories were considered regarding when Apple would update the 9.7-inch types of the device and these could have suggestions for the stylus accessory.

One is that Apple tends to do an iPad update in September 2016 though it is clearly a minor one, only to bring the Pro 12.9 to the standards of the 9.7 and then the iPad Pro 2 comes out in March 2017 thereafter is updated on a yearly basis. An Apple patent has been found which recommend that the future Apple Pencils could be offering same features. The patent filed in 2011 and had been published on May 3, 2016, defines an intelligent stylus wherein each nib seems to have its own sensor that tends to pair with a separate sensor in the body of the stylus. Two tilt sensors in the tip tends to calculate the precise orientation and the angle of your hand and as one tends to write or draw, the relative position of the sensors is detected by the Multi-Touch display.

Touch Input Information

Hence one can create the effects of shading by just tilting Apple Pencil the way one would do with a charcoal or a conventional pencil. The patent’s detailed description states that `the stylus 110 can include multiple sensors to provide information about its condition, where the sensors can be selectively used alone or in various combinations. The ability to provide information beyond simply touch input information, particularly information about the condition of the stylus which the stylus determines itself, gives this stylus intelligence, absent from a traditional stylus’.

Apple has also mentioned in the patent that the possibility of turning the back end of the Apple Pencil into an erase. The detailed description states that `for the additional contact/proximity sensor at the stylus non-tip end, the MCU can determine the stylus’s condition at the non-tip end as touching or hovering over a surface for instance, to emulate an eraser’. Besides this it also states that the MCU can extract fingerprints from the touch measurement and can identify the user of the stylus. The MCU can transmit the user identification to the touch sensitive device.

Touch Sensitive Device – Authenticate User’s Stylus

The touch sensitive device can then perform some action based on the identification. For instance, the touch sensitive device can authenticate the user of the stylus and can accept stylus input if the user is authenticated and deny stylus input if the user is not. Patently Apple had smartly marked what it tends to believe to be a reference in a 2014 Apple patent filing to a stylus which can control the track-pad on a Mac.

 It is speculatedif the Apple Pencil would achieve the skill of controlling iPhones and other iPads besides the Pro models, the Mac range is a bigger jump than expected. Patent for the Stylus With Inertial Sensor comprise of drawing which tend to show what appears to be a Mac and track-pad system.

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