Friday, November 30, 2012

OSX Time machine


     Apple's operating system "OS X" offers "Time Machine" is a function for automatic backups, but has only a few settings. You can make the time machine to do perfect with the right tools. The initial configuration of the time machine is very simple. Connect the external hard drive as a backup device, open the time machines stone positions and set the drive as the location. Here after the time machine save once in an hour all the newly added and amended files automatically. Just like saving the files; retrieving the files or the program also very easy. Open the Time machine access the desired file through search and click on restore now the lost data will be back on its place. The simplicity of the time machine has lot of advantages like simplicity in tools easy to operate etc, but also it has some disadvantages also. Its one hour interval for backup is fixed and it automatically scans and stores the backup data once in an hour.

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