Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Overview of iPad mini - II


IPad mini, for what? Apple responds that everything can be done with an iPad can also be done with this new model. In fact, iOS is strictly identical, even if everything is smaller on the screen. The surprising effect again at first, but we quickly get used to the text and icons smaller.

We found no use for the time for which the iPad mini would be in default. The screen and the interface is smaller, this new model could get stuck with some applications that require very precise taps on buttons particularly small. We have never been so embarrassed, except with the copies of the notifications seems particularly small, since in addition there is no way to change the display size in iOS settings.

Applications from the App Store automatically adapt to the screen size of the iPad. We tried two interfaces that have a bit loaded no particular problem to overcome. Some elements of the iPhoto interface (€ 4.49) are a bit small, but this account is even worse on the iPhone. We also tried DM1 - The Drum Machine (€ 3.59), an application dedicated to the creation of electronic music interface offers a very dense and compact. The small tablet, the buttons are actually smaller, but this is not a problem, we do not target the buttons at your fingertips, we used no major problems to report.

The keyboard of the iPad mini is small, smaller than a traditional iPad. In use, the U.S. tests showed differences between those who prefer the portrait mode and those opting instead for the landscape. We rather favor the portrait and then the tablet is thin enough, light and small for this mode to be very comfortable with both hands, as in this photo. In landscape, the keys in the center are more difficult to achieve unless you have large hands. In some cases, the small size of the iPad mini in his favor. This is especially the case with games and especially games like car Need for Speed
​​™ Most Wanted (€ 5.99) or Asphalt 7 (€ 0.89) to name two recent. It was more like holding a steering wheel and the game is more enjoyable, especially during long sessions. On this point, not Retina display is absolutely not annoying, we did anyway no time to dwell on the pixels ...

The iPad mini has two speakers for stereo sound ... which is not stereo at first sight. The two elements are probably too close to each other so that the effect of spatialization to hear. Their quality is anyway far from the HiFi, these speakers are well confined to listening to games or troubleshooting.

It is precisely on this point that the tablet is much better than the iPad with Retina display. We often play in portrait mode and the orientation chosen tended to hide its hand speaker shelf. IPad mini as two, we mask one (or none, since it is effortless), but the other continues to function: whatever the chosen position to play, the sound is always correct.

In reading light, the iPad mini is light enough to finally become comfortable everywhere, and especially in bed. The ability to keep one hand is also a definite plus. In total, the Kindle is still smaller and lighter, but the Apple tablet is a serious competitor clearly in this area, with the added value of all other uses.

Apple with its new tablet the same camera as the iPad with Retina display. At the rear, there is a 5-megapixel sensor and another 1.2 megapixel front. The first tests show respectable results, much better than what you could get with an iPad 2.

Mini iPad Smart Cover

The iPad mini can be completed with a Smart Cover which resumes the operation and the cost of the coverage of the iPad. It offers protection in polyurethane screen, but also acts as a base. Count 39 €, it is still not given.

The presentation is very similar to the model created for the iPad and its operation is identical: the magnets aligned on the left side maintain protection. The iPad Smart Cover mini also turns on and off the tablet screen to open. It consists of only three components, against four for the iPad, but it also forms a triangle to make a stand. Apple has changed its system hangs. On the iPad, the metal rod is visible on the iPad mini, it is also covered with this coating. This is more aesthetic, it is best to protect the side, but this Smart Cover is also less effective in this function base. Good point, however, about its maintenance once the cover folded behind the tablet. The magnet holds it in place, even better than on a standard iPad. The tablet on the table, you can type on the keyboard without too many problems and the iPad mini is fairly stable, even if the Smart Cover to iPad format is great better that way. Video mode (below), the clip slightly lower coverage arises and it will avoid excessive handling of the tablet in this position or press too hard on the screen, otherwise drop the device. This actually happened to us during our tests and this function exclusively reserves the consultation videos. The mini iPad Smart Cover only protects the screen of the tablet, the back rest in the open air. For now, this is the only protection available for this unit and the coverage is quite effective. By adding a small layer, it can also facilitate the handling of the tablet, especially if you have large hands.

Conclusion (preliminary)

Pending a full test, the first feeling that emerges after half a day of use, is that the iPad may be suffering from a misunderstanding. This is not simply a smaller iPad is an iPad full and could even replace a great model for some users.

Another remark, who had swept the shelves 7 "backhand will perhaps change your mind (this was the case with some of us). And those who had already been convinced by tablets in this size range should take a look at the iPad. When compared to a Nexus 7 "(slip on the physical quality of the product, the iPad clearly plays in the first division), the model Asus / Google also offers lightweight and good grip. However, its width is narrow, too narrow. It is quite striking when passing from one to another. With this format 7.9 ", Apple may have found more natural dimensions. Reminiscent She quickly than a book, which reinforces this impression of familiarity.

Finally, it will still grow a little testing to have a final opinion, but the absence of a defect Retina display appears (relatively) minor, reviews are not yet all arrested in the team. Attention, it will be absolutely delighted when he comes - and it will happen - but this point is perhaps not currently a brake sufficiently prohibitive. But the simplest is to go to realize by yourself, this may be surprising for iPad sees the real ...

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