Sunday, November 4, 2012

iPad mini: the best, despite without its Retina screen - III


One can imagine an update will be available to correct these few teething problems related to the screen. The balance sheet remains very positive, however, as performance tests conducted by some testers. The iPad mini is only entitled to the A5 chip from the iPad 2, in theory less powerful than the chip A5X the new iPad released in the spring, but tests conducted by Engadget show different results.

The tablet is doing very well, often slightly better than the iPad 2 and at levels comparable to the iPad 3. The brand new iPad 4 is better, much better, which proves also the leap in the Apple A6 chip also equips the iPhone 5, but performances remain honorable for a tablet of this size. 

 Better self is excellent, even for the best iPad. Engadget got a 12 h 43 with the test, the best result for a tablet, all models. All reviews emphasize that autonomy is not a problem in everyday life: the iPad mini will discharge slowly enough not to think too much, even over several days.


Selling its tablet from € 339, Apple knew she would not tackle head-on the 7-inch tablet competitors. All tests compare the iPad mini with its main competitors, such as Google Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD, but at spreadsheets, one thing is clear, as summarized very well The Verge:

    It does not appear that Apple is trying to fight for the best price, but rather the manufacturer tries to raise the bar a little higher. [...] The iPad mini has not folded the market "tablet cheapest". To market the "best small tablet"? Done, consider it for granted ...

TechCrunch test drives the point in these terms:

    Apple is not considering selling its iPad mini face $ 329 $ 199 tablets. She sees it as an iPad 2 much smaller and sold at the best price to date for an iPad. In other words, Apple is not seeking to enter the competition tablets. This is not a tablet. It's an iPad. And people love them.

Should I buy an iPad mini when you already have an iPad? The Loop tester was surprised when he first became aware of the usefulness of this model:

    I wanted to see me without force, how this new device would come in my life. What I discovered surprised me. I used the mini iPad more often than my iPad.

Walt Mossberg on its side ends his article for the Wall Street Journal with this summary pretty clear:

    If you like the iPad, or you want one, but you find it too big or heavy the iPad mini is the perfect solution.

Most tests are very positive, Tim Stevens makes even the best Apple tablet to date, despite its screen therefore:

    This is not a low-cost tablet Apple. This is not a smaller iPad. It is, in many ways, the best Apple tablet to date, a very well built camera that surprises by its fineness, lightness and autonomy phenomenal.

Daring Fireball always regret the lack of Retina display, but John Gruber will still opt for the new tablet more convenient. The conclusion of Cnet is more measured:

   If the iPad had a mini Retina display, A6 chip and slightly lower prices, it would be the Apple product of the year. Even without that, it is very interesting. [...] I do not know exactly to whom this iPad mini. [...] The iPad mini is probably not for everyone, and that is exactly its purpose. Like the iPod touch and iPod nano is another category, for another group. I will say this: when you see it, you'll want to buy. Just remember that you do not need may be.

Despite the lack of Retina, a common criticism in his remarks, John Gruber takes paris and wet:

    In my opinion, there is the phenomenon of iPod and iPod mini in 2004: the standard iPad will continue to sell very well, but the mini will become the model that will sell best.

Friday pending the release, wait watching these pictures sent by one of our readers. Lucky, he received his brand new mini iPad today! 

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