Friday, April 13, 2012

What do we want in iOS 6? - III

Improve the springboard

The "springboard" forge the identity of IOS devices from the very first iPhone. This space, which includes application icons available will probably not be abandoned anytime soon by Apple, but it could be improved in iOS 6.

Since 2007, Apple's competitors have made some proposals on different interface. The most original is undoubtedly that of Windows Phone 7 that displays icons not static but dynamic tiles continuously updated according to various criteria.

Apple could learn from this clever system, without abandoning its rows of icons. This video concept proposes to go beyond the simple counter appears in the top right icon and animate complete. 

The principle is already used by Apple with the calendar icon that displays the number of the current day. Without going as far as video, iOS 6 could give developers more flexibility, and Mac. Jailbreaking allows from the very beginning adding a fifth icon in the dock for iPhone and iPod touch. Apple did with the iPad, but still no iPhone. IOS 6, one would like to add an application or folder in this area really easy to access. 

Support for external devices

Since iOS 3, the mobile terminals can manage external devices with applications. The most common case is changing the parameters of a dock with speakers used by an application with an iPhone or iPod touch placed on the apparatus.

The management remains rather limited and Apple could still improve in iOS 6. We would like to unload any camera by connecting to the port terminal dock or combine very easily a handle to an iPhone or iPad to improve its capabilities in.

Support for joysticks is a relatively simple problem to solve. Android devices often have a piece of software that allows associating any Bluetooth controller and playing without touching the screen. Hopefully Apple will do the same with iOS 6 and further improves the way the status of mobile consoles of its terminals.

Complete integration of Facebook

IOS 5, Apple has integrated Twitter in the heart of the mobile system. The user can save their username and password in the terminal settings and applications can then access. iOS 5 is also capable of sending images, links or text on the social network.

Rumors have already discussed a similar integration of Facebook. It was even rumored that, since we know that Apple has tested this function internally.

Apple and Facebook have failed to agree on issues of sharing of personal data (read: Why Apple did not integrate Facebook into iOS 4). Hopefully these political issues will be resolved and that users can share iOS six elements as easily as on Facebook on Twitter. 

Profiles: change the behavior of terminal

Mac OS 8.5, Apple added a utility to its computers, the Location Manager. This tool was able to change many of the Mac based on the current location: it could for example cut the WiFi connection and enable the Ethernet jack when you use your computer at work, or change the default printer in a displacement.

This system is useful on a laptop, it is even more of a called mobile terminal, by definition, to be moved. We would like to automatically disable the WiFi on leaving home, automatically switch to silent cinema or stop receiving calls in a meeting room.

iOS 5 added geofencing, a technique that continuously monitors not your exact position, but your position relative to a defined area in advance. This technique is very useful for managing geographic patterns and Apple would only add a few criteria such as time, to offer a really useful function ...

The iPhone is a personal device that is shared little. The iPad, however, is often used by several people at once. Nearest that of a traditional computer, the Apple tablet may be used for an entire family or be given time to search the Internet.

Computers have long had the concept of user accounts. We would like to find it on the iPad: the tablet could save multiple profiles for as many users and many different parameters. Each profile is associated with email accounts, an Apple ID and has data and applications. It remains to find a way to offer it without harming the user experience, but we trust Apple on this side ... 

 Change the default applications

One would like to (finally) choose another default application that Apple in IOS. The constructor allows in OS X, why not in its mobile? It would be convenient to use comfortably Sparrow, another browser or an alternative to Music.

It would be nice, but we do not place too much hope in this application. Apple is particularly cautious about the idea of
​​losing his place on your handheld ... 


Get all U.S. services in France

Launched in beta last fall, the wizard voice of the iPhone 4S is much less powerful in France and the United States. Siri is not able to handle Google Maps, he can not find a restaurant or other place around your position, it can not access the vast knowledge base of Wolfram Alpha.

On its website, Apple said that Wolfram Alpha is for Siri configured in Anglo-Saxon tongue. This restriction is understandable; the site is currently available in English. However, the database of Yelp (Census restaurants and other points of interest) is available in France, as well as Google Maps. These services are supposed to be made available in other countries, it is hoped that this will happen with IOS.

Leave access to developers

Siri had to settle for some functions designed and developed by Apple. A developer can not inject its own responses, although this is very handy if you use a task manager different from Apple's example.

Hopefully Apple will add this possibility to IOS6. The development kit it would allow developers to make their applications compatible with Siri. On terminals equipped with these applications, a further adjustment would choose the application used to meet a specific need, such as creating a task or make a note. In addition, we would like to control more things with Siri: open an application or (de) activate a parameter, such as WiFi, actions would be very useful.
What do you iOS 6?

Our wish list is already long, but we have certainly forgotten. As you now to express yourself: what are you waiting iOS 6? What would you add to Apple's mobile system to improve it? Feel free to use comments to give your opinion!

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