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How to Switch On Voice Isolation On iPhone

How to Switch On Voice Isolation On iPhone

During any phone call, background noise is always annoying. It irritates you even more when you or the person you are talking to is in a noisy environment. Voice Isolation on iPhones is a feature that can decrease background noise and enhance call quality. The microphone picks up the background noise. So, check this article to know how to switch on voice isolation on iPhone.

This feature is perfect for phone calls and FaceTime audio & video calls. The mode can isolate your voice by blocking unnecessary frequencies from your audio signal. After isolating your voice, it cleans up what the person on the other end will hear. Whether you & your phone call partner use this, you can have clean conversations. Let's learn how to enable voice isolation on iPhone to improve call quality.

What Does Voice Isolation Do?

It is a new mode used on iOS 15 to separate voice from any background sounds during FaceTime calls. This mode keeps your voice in focus throughout the call. It helps to silence other ambient noises around you.

The mode can achieve it via advanced machine learning. Therefore, the iPhone is capable of distinguishing the background and voice noise. The focus of this mode remains on your voice instead of the surroundings, which is beneficial when you call someone in a noisy place or the person you are calling is in a noisy place. This one is a form of personalized noise cancellation for the call recipient.

Why Would You Use Voice Isolation Mode?

It can help you in different situations throughout your daily life. These are some reasons you need to use this mode.

To take a call somewhere noisy: Suppose you are walking down a busy street and on a FaceTime call. In that case, others are facing difficulties in hearing you. With the help of this mode, it is possible to get rid of the background noise more effectively than before.

When calling someone with hearing issues: The isolation mode helps to elevate your voice and make your voice clearer.

Want a crisper call: 

FaceTime can offer crisp-sounding calls. But with the help of this mode, the call sound can be clearer than before.

What do you need for Voice Isolation?

This feature supports iOS 15 or later, iPadOS 15 or later, and macOS 12 Monterey or later. So, to get this feature, your device must run any of these operating systems. It also requires an A12 Bionic chip or newer. So, you must have any of these devices to access this feature:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 
  • iPhone 13 Pro 
  • iPhone 13 
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max 
  • iPhone 12 Pro 
  • iPhone 12 
  • iPhone 12 mini 
  • iPhone 11 
  • iPhone XR 
  • iPhone XS Max 
  • iPhone XS 
  • iPhone SE (2020) 
  • iPhone SE (2022) 
  • iPad Pro (fifth gen or newer) 
  • iPad Air (third gen or newer) 
  • iPad (eighth-gen or newer) 
  • MacBooks (2018 and newer) 

How do you enable Voice Isolation on FaceTime?

When you take a FaceTime call, this mode helps to cancel out the background noise. The implementation process needs only some steps. Here, we are going to mention how you can do this.

  • Your first task is opening FaceTime on the iPhone
  • Then, you need to begin an audio or video call with someone. 
  • Open Control Center by swiping down from the screen's top-right corner. 
  • Now, you need to click on Mic Mode. 
  • After that, you have to tap Voice Isolation. 
  • You can see the Mic Mode setting when you are on a voice or video call. Remember that you will not be able to see the mic mode setting in the Control Center in any other situation
  • You need to swipe away to dismiss the Control Center. Then, you should return to the call. 
  • Finally, the mode is enabled on the call. 


Voice Isolation is one of the advanced features which is accessible on iPhones running iOS 16.4 or later. You can use advanced algorithms using this feature to isolate your voice. It helps to decrease background noise during phone calls. Thus, the person on the other end of the call can easily hear what you are saying, even in a busy, noisy place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Voice Isolation Work With Other Apps?

It can work with other third-party apps. That means, it is not exclusive to FaceTime. But, it must be enabled by the app developer. So, it is expected that it can be seen in other voice apps soon.

Q. Does Voice Isolation Work With Older iPhones?

It needs an A12 Bionic chip or newer. Therefore, you can not use it on iPhone X or older devices.

Q. How do you FaceTime with Google Voice?

It is impossible to FaceTime with Google Voice. But using Google Voice is possible for video and voice calls. You need to download the Google Voice app for iOS or Android regarding video calls. Then, you need to choose the Call button. After that, you must enter the mobile number or name from the Contacts list. Then, you should click on Calls. Now, you have to tap Video Call. Finally, the call will connect with a video like FaceTime.

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