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How To Disable Split Screen On iPad

How To Disable Split Screen On iPad

Are you thinking about how to get rid of split screen on iPad? First, you need to know that Split View is the default on iPad. So, several people accidentally open split screens on their iPad when they are using the Safari app. Although several ways are there to use split screen on the iPad, a few users do not prefer the iPad split screen. Actually Split View is the name of the feature. Even several iPad users are now regretting the day when they upgraded to iOS 15. Therefore, for them, it becomes essential to get rid of this. Let's see how to turn off this feature on the iPad.

How to Disable Split Screen on iPads Running iOS:

Disabling split-screen mode completely on iPads that run iOS 15 and newer is impossible. Unlike earlier iOS versions, disabling the Split View option is not available now. Once the system detects you are multitasking, Split-screen will activate automatically.

Now we can see that it is impossible to turn off multitasking & split-screen directly from Settings on iOS and newer. If you are willing to access extra multitasking options, you need to use the three-dot button, which is located at the screen top.

How to Close Split Screen on Your iPad:

Multitasking on the iPad, including Split View, increases productivity as long as you know how to use this. Before iPadOS 15, there were two options to stop the split screen on iPad. First, you can disable the split screen in iPad Settings. Secondly, your task is to close the split screen on your iPad for apps you are using.

Nowadays, you are unable to turn off the split screen on the iPad by disabling this altogether. It is the only solution to close the split screen. Suppose you have accidentally entered Split View. To undo the split screen, you need to drag the divider bar in the direction of the app you are willing to close.

When you open the black divider bar, your task is to tap & drag the grey controller to the iPad screen's left or right edge in Split View.

The direction in which the divider will be slid will determine which side of the screen is closed and which remains. The smaller window is going to close when you exit the iPad split screen. You can see the larger screen open as a full-size app window.

You need to release it while the divider is far across the screen.

It is very simple to close the split screen on the iPad.

How to Stop Split Screen on an iPad from Happening Accidentally:

If you want to prevent the accidental iPad split screen in the future, go to the three dots at the top of the app windows. When you accidentally drag the icon, it will cause every variation in window size & placement. Therefore, it is better to know going forward. If your iPad shows a half-screen app view, your task is only to learn the procedure of exiting the split screen on the iPad. Let's see how to do so.

How to Exit Split Screen on the iPad in Safari:

Split View in the Safari browser is actually a new iPad multitasking feature for iOS 10, and it is available in iPadOS 16. It lets you open two separate Safari web pages simultaneously on the iPad. If you want to return to full screen from the Safari split screen on iPad, you must click on the black divider bar and drag it to the screen's side or the other.

How to Turn Off Split Screen On iPad:

  • By default, the feature is enabled on iPad. Suppose many apps are running, and you are willing to close a specific one. In that case, your task is dragging the app divider over that app that you desire to close to the edge. 
  • Once you open two apps on the screen, a dividing line will appear between the two apps. 
  • After that, you must tap the app divider and drag it to the right or left. It relies on the app's side, which must be closed. 
  • Then, you need to release the divider until the screen's edge. You can see an app's full-screen view here.

Which iPads Support iPad Split View with iPad IOS 13 or later version?

Whether you are willing to use split-screen browsing on the iPad, ensure that you use the 5th-generation iPad or iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, or any other 5th-gen or later model. The reason is that iPad models which are previous to the 5th generation are not compatible with a split-screen view. Ensure that you have updated your tablet to the iPadOS's latest version.

How to Close a Small Floating Window on iPad:

A smaller window is available on the screen's side hovering over a full-screen app at the time of using an iPad. We call it Slide Over, a process used for multitasking on the iPad. Converting this to the split screen and closing this is the simplest way to close the floating window.

  • Your first task is to hit the centre button & hold this on the floating screen. After that, you need to drag this down toward the screen's bottom. 
  • Release the floating screen when it attempts to merge into a split-screen view. 
  • Finally, your task is to drag the split screen divider to the left of you to the right to close the screen you want.

Split Screen Confuses Users:

Although Apple proudly says that the newly available options have made the use of split-screen easier, every person does not agree with this. Several iPad users (older people) don't know what to do when two screens appear on their iPads. For instance, if you are writing something in the Safari URL field, a split-screen gets activated automatically. Apple offers users two screens rather than providing a very simple interface.

Apple included a multitasking feature also, as several users have wanted to have this since the iPad was launched. But all users do not need the feature, and it has become an issue. The company must let users decide how people are willing to use their devices. As per the user's report, this split-screen feature has made the using process of iPad difficult and causing frustration among the users.

When Split-screen is constantly popping up on your small iPad Mini display, it is disrupting the workflow. Above all, the changes may cause a poor user experience. A few people can think twice before they get a new iPad following this experience. Several apps have a button below the split-screen pop-up button to worsen things. Many users turn on the split-screen mode accidentally when they use their apps.

What Should Apple Do?

The company needs to offer users a choice of moving the split-screen button or removing this completely. You can give feedback to the company to let them know how much you hate the automatic split-screen feature. If there are more reports, the probability of change is higher.


Currently, no option exists to disable completely the split-screen feature on iPads running iOS 15 and newer versions. If you are multitasking, Split View will automatically activate once the iPad detects this. If you are willing to exit Split View, you must slide the split-screen bar to the left or right based on the app you are eager to close. It is all about how to disable split screen on ipad safari and other details related to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you restore your iPad to full screen?

You will find the screen in normal mode when you turn off the split-screen feature. Ensure that you must tap & hold the window, which doesn't need any more. Then, you should swipe this to the screen's edge. The app you are willing to remain in will be transferred to full-screen mode.

Q. How do you turn off the side swipe on your iPad?

If you are willing to make the Slide Over disappear, you need to hold the grey bar & drag it at the Slide Over's top to the iPad's right side.

Q. How do you turn off the split screen on iPad IOS 15?

Whether you want to turn off the split screen, your first task is to open the Settings app. As soon as you are in the Settings app, you have to click on the General option. Then, you need to click on the Multitasking & Dock option. At last, toggle the Off button, which is adjacent to the Allow Multiple Apps option.

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