Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Apple’s new updated iOS 8

 iOS 8.0.2
With the disruption of the key features of the updated iOS on thousands of iPhone, Apple recently issued a follow-on version of the software in order to put things right and the new updated iOS 8.0.2 is now made available to the consumers.

Apple’s public image has been affected on the discovery that the iPhone 6 Plus can be bent, though it will now take some time to improve upon it. The company has stated that iOS 8.0.2 can fix issues that affected iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users downloading iOS 8.0.1 as well as includes improvements and fixes bugs originally in iOS 8.0.1.

The company also extended its apology for inconveniencing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users who were affected by the bug in iOS 8.0.1. The effect of the bug was overwhelming wherein on downloading iOS 8.0.1, users starting reporting that their iPhones were not capable of connecting to a cellular network in order to make calls. Besides this, the Touch ID fingerprint sensors on certain devices were not working and the people had problems in unlocking their phones.

iOS 8 Compatible with any Version of iPhone 4S

Apple acted quickly by putting a stop to the update of 8.0.1 stating that they were investigating on the issue of the problem with an assurance that 8.0.2 would soon be ready in the next few days and also issued a workaround for those users who had lost cell service or the use of the Touch ID feature.

According to the company, the problem only affected less than 40,000 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices when the latest models had only arrived recently and according to Apple, the first weekend of sales had reached 10 million of the devices which had been made available to consumers two days earlier bringing in a number of new features and fixes.

The iOS 8 is compatible with any version of iPhone 4S or later and the fifth generation iPod Touch and any iPad which has been released from the second generation while some features like Apple Pay seem to be specific to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Other changes are that the latest software tackles long standing issues with iOS’ notification system, the iCloud services and its tie-ins with Apple’s desktop OS X software.

Aim to Improve `Reliability’ of `Reaching’ Feature

Moreover it also extends into the home and health automation space with a suite of new `Kit’ apps together with developer tools. The company’s goal was to fix the bug which prevented developers in launching HealthKit app for iOS 8, in the app store as well as another bug which prevented users from uploading photos and videos from Safari.

 The update was set with the aim to improve reliability of the reaching feature on the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus where the `reaching’ enables the user with the ease of operating the large phone with one hand.

The update was also done to correct issues like the third party keyboards, third party app access to Photo library together with ringtones not being restored from iCloud as well as the issues caused with cellular services.

iOS 8.0.1 has also set to handle the issue which had caused unexpected cellular data usage when the devices of Apple had received text messages and to provide improved support of `Ask to Buy’, for in-app purchases for Family Sharing.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Introduction of QuickType - Improvement on Keyboard

Apple is now offering some more improvement on its own keyboard besides supporting third party keyboards, with the introduction of QuickType in iOS 8 which helps you to learn typing patterns with suggestions when correct by helping to input text in everything from text messages, to websites to notes.

Apple had introduced two types of keyboard related tenpole features in iOS 8, a third party keyboard support and QuickType predictive test. The functions of third party keyboards are the same as the mobile operating system with the replacement of the default system keyboard together with a new one, most of which tend to be similar and available at other platforms.

QuickType is Apple’s predictive text entry wherein the keyboard analyses the text typed suggesting words it believes one would most likely text the next, taking tone into account relaxed phrases and words which would be used in instant messages while emails tend to get more formal languages.

Overlooked Feature of iOS and OS X – Ability to Define Text Shortcuts

Some would prefer the option of predictive text appealing while there are others who would find the same distracting. Doing away with the predictive suggestion bar which is above the default keyboard from view temporarily is easy.

It can be done by tapping anywhere in the bar and drag downward where it collapses into a thinner gray line with a white grab handle. If the user intends to permanently disable QuickType, then the same can be done by a long press on the keyboard selector icon and slide the `predictive’ toggle off. Besides this, one can also make a trip into the iPhone or iPads’ settings app then navigate to Setting, then General, followed by Keyboard and turn off the `predictive’ switch.

To re-enable the same you could turn the switch back on. The ability to define text shortcuts which could be used in inserting longer text content is an overlooked feature of iOS and OS X. For instance one might set easily remembered shortcuts for mobile phone carrier text codes which would enable them to check balance through SMS or configure a quick option to insert email or mailing address to fill web forms.

Tips to Manage and Create Shortcuts

Managing and creating shortcuts could be done by navigating to Setting -> General -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts. Here one will see an alphabetically sorted list of existing shortcuts and adding new shortcut is simple as tapping the `+’ key in the upper right area of the keyboard where the resulting dialog prompts for two items, which is a phrase or shortcut.

 The phrase being the longer piece of text which can be inserted and the shortcut is what is actually typed. For `news@appleinsider.com’, the shortcut `@@@’, has been added. QuickType has popular and familiar functionality which have been available on several other mobile platforms for many yearsthough users of iOS who are not familiar with the feature would prefer that iOS 8 would keep its suggestion to itself.

To hide the suggestion bar of QuickType the user could open any app which launches the iOS keyboard like the Notes app which has been displayed in the screenshots. Once you begin to type, you will see suggested words which begin to pop up on the gray bar above the keyboard.

Mac Data Recovery Software at Free of Cost from EaseUS

Data Recovery 1
It is really annoying when the hard drive becomes malfunctioned accidentally and this incident is very familiar for many Mac users to lose significant data. Many people opt for data recovery tasks i.e. professional companies that focus on the recovery of data from Mac for a certain fee. Though it is one way for you, it definitely is not the best one since the data recovery might not go as easily as you want. On the other hand, the files or information that you want to be recovered might be extremely private and hence would be exposed to others if you are to hire professionals for the work.

The recovery devices differ from user friendliness to cost of purchase. Some may be downloaded for free of charge if you wish to apply the trial test of the tool. Others are very technical and are usually intended for professionals in this domain. They are normally found in file recovery corporations. If you have inadequate experience of Mac file recovery then it is best for you to discover a device that is user friendly.

Advantages of recovering file software that EaseUS brings-

Data Recovery Software 2
Today there are a number of file recovery tools for Mac that can be found on the web and EaseUS too comes up with a recovery software for Mac. Recovering documents from Mac used to be a very burdensome activity that engaged a lot of skill and money but with EaseUS, you only require the internet and you will be capable to discover a stunning data recovery software for Mac. This free data recovery software Mac tool for recovering data will make your recovery attempts simpler and will alter your entire viewpoint of data revival on Mac. The recovery procedures are rather easy if you use this recovery tool, which will not give you too much trouble in terms of functionality. More advantages are discussed below.
 Data Recovery Software 3
  • Free trial system:This first-class recovery software present free trial facilities for you to download and verify it free of cost. When you download and utilize it, you must be able to observe all the documents that have been recovered from the Mac computer.
  • Money back assurance: A best software manufacturing corporation like EaseUS always provide a money back guarantee in order to support the customer of the goods’ legitimacy. Money back assurance will make sure that you obtain your money back within a definite phase of time if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Appropriateness for your condition:You have to see whether the software recovery tool fit for the recovery condition, you are in. It is not a software software that is not capable to recover the information in the precise means that you would like.
  • Accessibility of the software in the format of CD or DVD: It is significant to have soft copy as well as hard copy of the recovery software. Renowned companies like EaseUS supplies both of these copies for purchasing the software.

Apple – OS X Safe from `Bash’

OS X Safe from `Bash’
It was revealed that Red Hat security researchers had uncovered a huge exploit in the `Bash’ command shell found in OS X and Linux named `Shellshock’ by security experts wherein the exploit enables hackers to gain access through web connected devices and service with the use of malicious code.

The exploit which was called `as big as Heartbleed’, by Robert Graham, security researcher was referring to a flaw which was discovered earlier this year in the well-known open source software OpenSSL that had affected the internet by 66% .

Apple had informed that Hearbleed had not affected its software or key services and had also released updated for AirPort Extreme as well as Time Capsule assuring users that they would be fixing the Bash exploit issue at the earliest.

Shellshock Enabling Access to Hackers 

Bash being the software in controlling the command prompt on several Unix computers,can be exploited to take total control of the system. Linux is used to everything and the bug could affect Windows, Android and IBM machines.

 According to the Director of Cyber at Warwick University, Professor Tim Watson, he informed MailOnline stating that `the impact could be very severe and it’s not overstating it to say that it’s a more serious bug than Heartbleed’.

He further continued saying that `the primary way this is going to be exploited is through the web; a hacker could use the bug to place malicious things on the website or steal information like banking details.

The bug going by the name Shellshock could also allow potential hackers in gaining accessing to every internet enabled device which could be used in the user’s home with the use of something as a smart lightbulb.The danger with regards to this is that no sooner it gains access to an internet connected device; it could jump onto others which include smart locks which can open locked doors.

Software Update for OS X

Apple has been aware of this recent discovered bash exploit named Shellshock and is striving to work quickly in providing a software update for OS X, which is the operating system running on the Mac. As per Apple spokesperson conveyed to iMore is that the vast majority of OS X users would not be at risk to the recent reported bash exploit.

Bash, is a Unix command shell and language that is included in OS X, has a weakness in enabling unauthorized users to gain control of vulnerable systems, remotely. Systems are safe by default with OS X and are not exposed to remote exploits of bash unless they tend to configure advanced Unix services.

Apple is working on ways to provide a software update for users of advanced Unix services. Most of Linux and Unix based operating systems including OS X, across the globe have been affected by the exploit and millions of computers as well as embedded devices will be needed to be updated at the earliest.

If a user is advanced enough in enabling the types of service that can be exploited by Shellshock then there is a chance of turning those services off temporarily or patch bash using Xcode.For others, they could stay informed with updates to understand that there is no high level risk at this point.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Invites AppleSeed Members for AirDrop Test Fest

AirDrop Test
Apple in its note has invited the AppleSeed members to take part in a `test fest’ to focus on AirDrop function in OS X 10.10 Yosemite which is likely to be launched soon.

The company has invited several non-developer users to participate in the AirDrop Test Fest to help in fixing issues in the over the air file sharing system. Those who have been invited would have a notice inside the Feedback Assistant application combined with the public beta of the forthcoming OS X Yosemite.

Users invited to participate will be provided with guideline to test the feature and according to the notice, they will need two Macs which would be capable of running Yosemite as well as AirDrop or one Mac running Yosemite while one would be running Mavericks to test the legacy feature. Since the focus is on Mac-to-Mac transfers instead of cross platform, an iOS device is not needed for participation.

Guidance for Specific Testing Feature

Usually Apple has been restricting test fest activities only to internal teams who have been working on upcoming OS X software but has now decided to include AppleSeed developers in the preparation of OS X Yosemite launch. The Macs would need to run the latest seeded build of OS X Yosemite and if the user would care to test with the iPhone or iPad, then a device with a Lightning connector running iOS 7 or iOS 8 would be needed.

It has been reported according to a letter that the company has planned a special discussion topic in the handling observations as well as test results together with a survey prepared to guide developers for specific testing feature. The directed focus suggest that there are some points of concern which is essential to be sorted out before the completed Yosemite is released to the consumers and the survey is made available through Feedback Assistant.

Information on Right Way to Write up AirDrop Bug Report

Users taking part in the Test Feat have been asked to revert back with issues in special forum which have been set up for the event and this could probably help in avoiding any outstanding critical issue before the launch, which will be in next month. Assistance to these issues for those considering testing feat would be provided with information on the right way to write up AirDrop bug reports.

AirDrop, being one of Yosemite’s important features comes with the ability to transfer swiftly files and media between OS X and iOS platforms without additional steps in sending content through mail and like iOS 7 and OS X 101.9 Mavericks implementations, the AirDrop iteration uses Wi-Fi connection to ferry data to and fro, though it adds in Bluetooth 4.0 for quicker device discovery.

AirDrop automatically collects the list of nearby machines, including Mac running Yosemite when accessed from Control Centre in iOS 8 from which content could be shared. The desktop version too has a dedicated Finder window enabling the transport of files from Mac to iPhone or iPad. AppleSeed members are already in the process of taking part in the AirDrop Test Fest which is scheduled to continue through Sunday, 28th September.