Saturday, June 30, 2012

iPad: The magazine will arrive more tomorrow

More than two years after the release of the iPad, magazines available on the Apple tablet are still relatively few. Those who have made the jump to the vast majority, like carbon copies of the paper version, they do little to exploit that allows the digital enhancements, in terms of multimedia, for example. However, the design tools offer more options, newsrooms are organized and equipped themselves gradually, and one begins to imagine what might be the electronic magazine of tomorrow ... if it does come tomorrow.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Windows Phone 8 will catch up with iOS and Android

After presenting this bold strategy on shelves, the Redmond company has presented extensively in Windows Phone 8. If Windows Phone 7 offers from the beginning an original interface, it was always a step behind its two main competitors, iOS and Android in functionality. 

With this version, Microsoft wants to both grow its difference while having the offer as rich as possible. The biggest new aesthetic is probably the famous home page that has been revised. It is completely customizable with new color themes and offers three sizes of tiles, which are even more flexible.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Surface: Microsoft Announces Two shelves Intel and ARM

There will be shelves Windows and there will be shelves of Microsoft Windows. At a conference in Los Angeles whose purpose was kept secret, but surrounded by rumors, Steve Ballmer unveiled the Surface. Tablets 10.6 "16:9 HD who take the brand previously used for large touch tables.

New MacBook Pro and iOS 6: Apple smiles - II

Mountain Lion ready to roar

The installed base of OS X has reached 66 million users - is better than ever, but today is a drop in the ocean compared to IOS devices. 26 million of them went to Lion in nine months: the time has come for Mountain Lion. icloud, which has 125 million users, is an integral part of Mountain Lion.