Tuesday, August 9, 2011

icloud Preview

iCloud.com is open, and finally if you have a developer account at least. Preview the new images.  The site provides access to webmail, calendar and address book online to all who have an account icloud. If you have a MobileMe account, you will have to transfer the data to icloud, but the link is idle. We note in passing the use of pop-up identical to those of IOS.

Behind the login screen, there are the traditional choices of application. There is Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Find My iPhone and a newcomer with iWork. As expected, the iDisk has disappeared, as well as the MobileMe galleries.  All web applications have been updated with each time an alignment IOS versions. Mail Webmail is similar to the iPad, the Address Book Contacts on iPad, the Calendar to iCal. The rendering is really excellent and is very close to native applications. 

The tab does iWork is currently only highlight the integration of the three applications icloud IOS. We assume that we can then access documents stored on the cloud from the Apple interface. iCloud.com is wide open to all modern browsers: the site works on Safari course of Chrome that uses the same rendering engine, but on Firefox, Internet Explorer. An error message appears with Opera 11.50, but the site is still accessible. The animations are still largely reserved for Safari ... Not surprisingly, JavaScript is essential for the proper functioning of the site as not fail to explain an error message if you try to use without iCloud.com. We should not imagine not feeding icloud: You must accept cookies to access the site.

Intuit's website design tools

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meridian IOS to Android

Co-founder of Spotlight Mobile, Nick Farina has decided to increase its application of micro-geolocation, Meridian IOS to Android. In doing so, he explains what he liked in the development of Android, and what he liked least, from the perspective of a developer IOS. Farina made a decision early in the project as code natively on IOS, it has no reason to do otherwise on Android. He decided not to use cross-platform development tools, to stick as close to the canons of Android interface, and code in Java. This is an important decision that determines many choices. The first question was that of choosing an IDE (integrated development environment) is that of iOS Xcode Mac, point - code editor, SDK, test tools, simulators, everything is included. Google Android SDK provides the developer with the choice of the publisher. Farina has opted to use the recommended solution, Eclipse with the plug-in ADT (Android Development Tools for Eclipse).
“It is heavy and even heavier than heavy ". The first negative contact, however, must be surpassed to discover the power of this monolithic IDE "a good way to navigate Eclipse is to spend a few hours, and I am very serious about it, hacking away with hundreds of options, check boxes and small gadgets in the Preferences section. “This way to force Eclipse to discover, to understand its logic, is the cost to develop it easier for Android" will simply code for you. " This way of approaching things is actually the key, according to Farina, for Android development is going on in the best possible conditions: rather than starting with preconceived ideas about Eclipse or Java, you must understand how to use Eclipse Android and Java, why, and stick to it. It would be the easiest way to avoid many frustrations: "In general, the Android frameworks are fairly well designed and consistent API and integrate seamlessly with Java. In fact, [...] our application has almost the same class structure on Android and IOS. The code itself is incredibly similar on both versions. "
The Android emulator, to test applications, has not favored by Farina: Like all emulators, it is slow. The IOS simulator has the disadvantage of going through a compilation x86/64 (Intel x86, not ARM, which means that you can miss bugs that are present in the application on a real device), but the huge advantage of being fast. He said the solution is simple: to test the application on a Smartphone or on several different Smartphones configurations. The number of possible configurations is obviously much greater with Android, but you have any way to test its application iOS several profiles (iPod touch, iPhone, generation, generation), so as to comply with the exercise of all platforms. IOS side, Interface Builder is not a panacea, and fully customized development is sometimes particularly complex for simple things eventually. Android same side: we can only use Java or just the XML layout system. However, there are animations in a fundamental difference between the two OS: Android was designed as a competitor to Windows Mobile and BlackBerry OS, and resumed their logic rendering software, which eliminates the need of a graphics chip very powerful. IOS on the contrary has been designed with OpenGL acceleration in the lead, and the similar system in Android 3.0 is limited. In an OS as in the other, we must again ask the question of the relevance of the technical choices: am I ready to lose a bit of fluidity in this view against a somewhat easier to code (IOS)? Do I have to use the CPU made here, with the risk of the deal too, because during this time he must also parse my feed (Android)? In short, Farina tries to convey a simple message: if we are to avoid each other many penalties on iOS like Android, it is necessary to step back, weigh his technical choices, and understand the philosophy of platforms. Things that can be accomplished with multi-platform frameworks; but all this requires skill and time - is money: the port of Meridian took four months. All developers do not have that luxury.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Apple TV Latest Version -3

Going back to Apple, the problem remains the same: how to move up a gear and make the Apple TV product with a potential similar to the iPad or iPhone? With Apple TV, Apple has always been patient and seems to not want to confuse speed with haste. Unlike other terminals in the range, the Apple TV would not be entitled to a cycle of annual update. He muttered a few months ago a new model equipped with the A5 processor could emerge by the end of the year. At last, it would no longer be valid. To move up a gear, although Apple has two choices: find the "killer feature" which would be indispensable. This could be the integration of an App Store, but why must one hand that the developers are interested in this product and there is a large user base. And for the moment, two million Apple TV owners do not weigh very heavy, compared to the number of people who daily use a Mac, iPhone and iPad. Another major obstacle, interactions with the Apple TV is limited by the remote control. Another hypothesis comes from time to time would be downright Cupertino manufactures its own TV. Just last week, an analyst promised a real Apple TV in mid-2012. But it was more like wishful thinking than anything else. The idea has probably been a long time to germinate in the minds of engineers from Apple, but the realization of such a product is horribly complex as standards in this area differ from one country to another. As a universal solution like Apple, is currently impossible. Unless offer a 100% internet TV, but it is likely that the household under 50 is not ready for this idea.

Apple TV Latest Version -2

So, certainly this new firmware does not change completely, but it makes the product a little more interesting. And not to expect, with the advent of icloud, Apple TV should have a nice card to play. With the first model, Apple had already acted in a similar way by offering occasional revisions of the firmware in order to offer customers new features. But with this model, based on IOS, Apple probably affords to go much further and much faster. If Apple TV is still flanked by the status of hobby, with the model released last year, Apple has still turned a corner. In his first quarter of marketing, Apple has sold more than a million (read: Apple TV almost a million units sold). The apple did not release the sales figures of its predecessor. Without reaching the huge numbers of other devices iOS, Apple TV does not sell too badly. During the last quarter, Apple would have passed just under 500,000. Figures to compare, for example, with Google TV, which he seems catastrophic Logitech terminal with its review, has recorded more than product returns those sales for the quarter. If no one has yet managed to make a fortune with this type of aircraft, this segment is attracting more and more players. After Google has launched in the battle last year, is Research In Motion (RIM) to work actively on a small case quite similar to the Apple TV. The recipe is identical to that used by the Cupertino Company: hardware and software architecture very similar to other products in the home including the playbook. The product itself is more focused professionals.