Sunday, July 31, 2011

Straight Talk

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HTC open to discussions with Apple

HTC is willing to talk directly to Apple about disputes between them. Winston Yung, CFO of the Taiwanese manufacturer told Bloomberg that the two companies "have to sit around a table and sort it out. We are open to discussion". The two companies have each scored a point against each other in recent weeks. Mid-July Apple has won a major race before the International Trade Commission (ITC) regarding two patents. A preliminary analysis still to be confirmed by the international body, but can interfere with device manufacturers Android. A few days earlier, is that Apple had lost, again before the ITC, in front of S3 Graphics, a maker of graphics processing units. Again a confirmation (or not) of the violation of intellectual property should be given in November by the ITC. Except that in the meantime, HTC has appeared in the folder by its acquisition of S3 ... "We are open to all sorts of solutions, since the solution and the conditions are just and reasonable," said the head of HTC "In public and private we have had discussions with Apple, even before these early findings”. Winston Yung, however, suggests that there has been no further meeting this month in the wake of these developments. HTC, July 16, announced his intention to appeal the first decision of the ITC.

Easy Access To The Password of Mac 10.6 and 10.7

Passware, a company specializing in the recovery of encrypted data or circumvent passwords, advertises a security vulnerability in Mac OS X that Leo has not filled. This, says the president of Passware, you can recover the password of the user account of a machine. This extraction involves, however, having first physical access to the machine and then use the FireWire port and hoping that a basic control system is disabled. If the conditions are met, the application of Passware retrieves an image from memory and to find information. The operation would take only a few minutes, regardless of the complexity of the password and the activation state of FileVault. This is one of the new features Forensic Kit 11, the application Passware sells (just under $ 1000) for example to government authorities, private investigators and others who need access to machines locked. This tool is developed on Windows. This version also allows extracting the contents of the Keychain Access in Mac OS X. The multiple modes of access to the password limit the risks. Passware also states that its approach does not work if the user disables the one hand, the automatic opening of the account (the password is not stored in memory in this case) and also if switched off his machine rather than leaving it on standby. This vulnerability is also present in Snow Leopard, and having informed Passware says Apple. In a statement to Cult of Mac, the president of the company added that the security flaw has been fixed in Windows 7.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to solve problems with network drives in OS X Lion

Several of you complain in the forums of MacGeneration about the problems with network drives under OS X Lion. If you use a NAS to perform Time Machine backups, you may have noticed that Time Machine cannot use your network volume. In OS X Lion In fact, Time Machine is only compatible with the communication protocol Netatalk 2.0, that do not support all NAS. Drobo announced that the FS series would soon be updated to ensure its full compatibility with Lion and Time Machine. If you have a Synology NAS, perform the update of the latest DiskStation Manager 3.1, or go to DSM 3.2ß in case of problems. Check with the manufacturer of your equipment the arrival of a firmware update. If, however, this update should arrive soon, you can always re-access AFP, as Apple explains in a sheet.

Chrome Fits Gently The Problems In Leo Compatibility

Chrome users spent on Lion will have noticed that some of the new OS are poorly or not supported by the browser. The scroll bar does not take into account the settings of the OS for its display, full screen mode is not suitable (but also gestures are not supported). Chrome has a full screen, but it does not behave as standard. Several adaptations of the software are in progress, as reported by Sundar Pichai of Google to TechCrunch.

Chrome currently displays many of the new button switches to full screen. But in this state, the browser will not display the toolbar. It does not propose the button to leave the full screen; it must be done by the menu or keyboard shortcut. Then, in Mission Control Chrome full screen is displayed among the other applications in the upper area of the screen.

Regarding the lack of toolbar, one of the developers of Chrome reminded that this presentation is desired. Google wants to give up space on page and the bar is displayed at the approach of the mouse. We are then in what amounts to a format. And the idea of adding a preference to software sorrow too.

In contrast, Safari offers an in-between, this is to maximize its display, but without depriving the user of the button bar and its tabs. Initially, the developer engaged in the discussion Chrome has refused to return to this established principle. Through the exchanges, the position has evolved. The adoption of the full screen, it requires a little work because the button bar of Chrome does not use the standard resources of Mac OS X.

Google has initially removed the full screen button as it appeared in Lion does not lead to a standard behavior. What can the user aback? The withdrawal is effective now since the latest beta. The scroll bar also has it normally. Then the developers will seek to stick as close to full screen mode as Lion, and test the principle of a button bar that can be displayed in this presentation.

In parallel, a participant in the debate has compiled a version of Chromium start offering more standard behavior.

Another planned development, this time on the support of gestures to move between page views. In the final version of Leo, this movement is, by default, with two fingers instead of three (it's option adjustable in the preferences of Mac OS X). Chrome, however, does not understand the gesture with two fingers. We must therefore modify the basic settings of the OS if you use a Magic Trackpad. There is also a developer - who has in the meantime with Trackpad Magic - said to have addressed the problem.