Friday, July 27, 2012

Boot Camp: start keeping Windows on Mac

Our Macs are not just for rotating the OS from Cupertino, these are just as comfortable with Windows 7 via a utility that comes as standard: Boot Camp. If taking advantage of a recent switch in favor of Apple machines you want to keep a little contact with your previous OS, this small installation guide as an aide memoire is there to simplify things.

Boot Camp creates a new partition on your Mac for hosting Windows 7. This solution is more convenient than virtualization if you will use Windows extensively as for the game or software missing on Mac OS, but you are essential.

Virtualization software like Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion or VirtualBox free solution allows Oracle to emulate an operating system in a window. This solution is extremely resource-intensive. In most of those devoted to virtualization software, you must block to rotate the virtualized system without neglecting your own operating system.

Conversely, a Boot Camp partition with dedicated, you can take full advantage of all the resources offered by your machine without "wasting". Only drawback, it will reboot to switch from Windows to OS X, and vice versa.

For this guide step by step you'll need to bring a CD or a USB stick with a virgin. Iso of Windows 7 or Windows 7 installation CD Official, to spare a few gigabytes of space on your hard drive and an Internet connection to perform updates and downloads required.

To begin, save your work and close all your applications. Run the Boot Camp Assistant, which is in Applications / Utilities (or cmd + shift + u from the Finder).

The utility allows you to create your installation media for Windows 7 on a USB drive or a DVD ISO of Windows 7, but also to download the drivers you'll need later for the OS runs 100% on your Mac. This feature has recently appeared to compensate for the absence of key resettlement of the latest generation of MacBook Air and was later generalized to any Mac.

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