Thursday, December 22, 2016

How to Publish with Apple News Format

Apple News Format

Check out what is new about apple. It is Apple News Publisher. It is specially create for publishers; for those who are interested in making their contents or news more live for their readers. This app was announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Then it was launched on Sep, 16, 2015 with ios 9 for all kind of iphones, ipod touch, ipads.

So well when we look at the app uses, firstly this app allows the publishers to add animations, Stylish Layouts, Attractive typography. Moreover you can also add photo Galleries, Videos to your content or post or news. With all these new facilities you can bring your contents to life. This also gives your readers a new experience of reading. This may also help you to get more visitors to your website or channel. It won’t matter even if your visitors or readers use any device other than apple also gives them great experience of reading.

Apple uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). This type of document format helps to create signature contents for your news or contents. The main use of JSON in this app is that it is easy for computer for parse. And also it is easy for humans to read.

Moreover Apple gives you many advertising opportunities. Even in this app you get the same advertising platform. As usual it helps you to earn revenue from those contents or post or news that you publish. Apple provides you Campaign management, Targeting, Creative and reporting capacities that helps you to drive your business to upper level. Apple give you a deal where you can have the 100% revenue from the ads which you sell by your own or only 70% of the revenue from the ads that apple sells in behalf of you.
But to become a publisher you must be in US, UK or Australia. Once you become a publisher all the content or news or post become a part of Apple News Publisher. And the content is also optimized for all ios users automatically.

So to become a publisher you must do the following steps:

  •  Firstly, you must sign-in icloud account using your Apple ID. Then to continue you will need to accept the end user license agreement. 
  •  After that you will need to fill all your information in the next page that is displayed. Click ‘Next’ once you are done. Again you will see a form where you should fill all the details to set up a channel. Again Click ‘Next’ once you are done 
  •  Just then you will find a page where you can upload a Logo for your channel. You logo must be in PNG format and also it must be 256 pixel square minimum. And also the file limit is only 2 MB. 
  •  So till now you have completed your channel registration. Also once you have completed submitting your logo and your details Apple will review it. And if it doesn’t satisfy their requirements they will reject your application. So be careful will you upload your details and Logo. 
  •  If your account is accepted by Apple then you will need to choose the method of publishing that you prefer or like. Yes, there are two methods of publishing your post or content or news.
  •          They are:
    • RSS Feed – So when you use this method there won’t be any change in your user experience. Yes you can’t use Apple News Format 
    • Apple News Format – This will optimize your content according to ios devices. This will add animation, stylish layout, etc.
So that is it. You have created your own channel in Apple News Publisher. And now you can submit your creative post for your reader to enjoy their new reading experience using the news app Apple News Publisher…

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