Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Apple Leak Reveals 'All Curve Display' New iPhone

credit: Veniamin Geskin
Apple after its launch of the new iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus has been planning about making the next iphone 8 to be a remarkable phone. There has been many rumors about the new upcoming phone but one of the specific rumor is that it might have curved display. Nowadays it has become a common phenomena for phones to have curved display, now will the iphone 8 feature an curved display. Usually what I like about Apple is that build quality as well as the user friendly interface.

Apples screen quality is really satisfying and when compared to the previous launch iphone 7 the display is good and its design some or what resembles the iphone 6 or 6s models. If Apple wants to install new curved displays on its upcoming phone it must be in such a way that its design should be pocket friendly and light weighted so that it can be easily carried around. If Apple doesn’t make the design according to the display then it might damage the display.

The new iphone 8 will feature an awesome stunning display which is curved by the way and this might be built by Samsung for Apple. Some rumors says that this display might be made up of plastic and not of glass to make the design look great and to prevent the glass from damaging.

The curved display screen will be made up of Organic Light Emitted Diodes which in short known as OLED screen this screen will help the users to create an good display quality and it is very light and thinner compared to the other screens which will use less battery and gives us a good battery life.

If the display is curved it must be so sensitive and must respond quickly when it is touched so the rumors also suggests that the phone will feature sensitive sensors which will help the phone to respond to when an user touches any side of the display.

An old rumor was that an expensive model of iphone 8 will only feature an OLED display and if this curved display rumor turns out to be true then that previous rumors will turned out to be fake.

Some people claim that Apple is making an 5.5 inch model which turns out to be an premium version with an OLED screen and other models with an traditional old LCD displays . So Far, apples intentions and decisions have not been made clear and announced publicly and many people are having high expectations on the new iphone 8.

Samsung Display Company is an unit of Samsung electronics which has been producing quality display for many Smartphone companies and has a best quality of display production. Samsung has been producing and supplying many tech components and memory chips for Apple.

One of the rumor was that Apple suppliers have asked Samsung to increase the quantity of screens and to produce thin OLED displays for Apple. If Apple is going to install new curved display for its upcoming iphone 8 then this might become am hit for Apple.

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