Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Apple Plans to Increase iTunes Match Limit to 100,000 Songs

These days thousands of Twitter users are bombarding with their tweets and questions on Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior VP of Internet Software and Services regarding the Apple Music, which is brand new service of Apple.

Price of Apple Music Service:

By the end of year, when Apple will increase its songs limit by 100,000 songs, so it will be added advantage of Apple over Google Play Music (Currently, Google Play Music is allowing its users to upload up to 50,000 songs). But there is price issue as Google Play Music users are able to upload their choice of music in free after selecting subscription option. On June 30, 2015 Apple Music was launched along with the launch of iOS 8.4. All the users who are wishing to opt out for Apple Music service have to pay $ 10 as individuals and $ 15 as families (up-to six members) every month. However; subscription price for iTunes Match is $ 24.99 per year for individuals.

About Apple Music Service:

Apple Music is the most awaited music streaming service of Apple, where users can select to stream their choice of music on demand. This unique service will include Internet radio station Beats 1 (available in more than 100 countries) as well as blog platform which will help the artists to share their music on media with fans. However; the music recommendations will be based on the choice and taste of users with the integration of with Siri voice commands. Whenever user will select any new song on device, first time device will use Internet streaming to play song and after that users will have an option to save same song on device for offline access.

Recently at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple launched Apple Music service and according to the official website of Apple, it will include iTunes Match support where users will be able to match and upload songs however; with the launch of brand new service the latest songs limit will be up-to 25,000 songs. According to tech experts Apple’s this service is close to economic equilibrium point in music industry as this service is using Open Music Model. While responding the series of questions Eddy Cue Tweeted, “We are working to increase the song limit by 100,000 songs later this year with the launch of iOS 9. But still there are group of users who are wondering that Why not Apple is offering unlimited amount of songs instead of 100,000, which is also big storage.

Official website of Apple explains, Apple Music is able to match and upload any song, which you own and after that you will be able access them from anywhere same as iTunes Match. It means if your choice of song is not available in Apple Music catalog, so you can buy or download it from any source and upload it Apple Music to listen it through same app, no matter which device you are suing.

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