Saturday, July 4, 2015

Apple Criticised Over 'Presumptuous' News App Email

The upcoming news app of Apple has been getting criticised by tech experts due to the claims made by the Apple in terms of forcing the bloggers to accept all the terms and conditions of the news app. With an official e-mail, Apple invite publishers to be a part of their new service by presuming that all the bloggers are accepting the terms and conditions, unless they are opting to out these services. These terms covers the legal issues along with other things.

As if now despite the increasing row over these issues, Apple has not given out any official statement however; the app is expected to be launched by the end of 2015. The terms and conditions which have been laid out for this app indicates that the company will work to resolve any of raised issues pertaining to any legal claims which has been made by the user according to the RSS content. The terms and conditions of this news app indicated that Apple will be notified if the company will be involved in the claim by any manner. Unless all of the users agrees to this terms and conditions they will not be includes in the app once launched.

The terms of the new app has also indicated that any publisher who are not willing to bound by these conditions will have inform the company about the same. Publishers are getting concerned that despite their active consent they might be forced to get bound by the agreement. Some other details indicated that Apple will be able to place ads right next to the content of the publishers without paying them anything. Some of the online publishers have stated it a wrong move from the company and also indicated it to be presumptuous.

These publishers have indicated that unless they inform Apple about opting out of the service, the company will presume that they have given consent to these terms and conditions. This does not make any sense to the publishers. Graham Hann, the head of technology, media and communications at Taylor Wessing states that these terms and conditions are within the standards of the industry however they cannot say the same about the opt-out requirements.

The company will be placing all the publishers content through the RSS feed which is publicly available. This app has been sending out about Apple News through blog and websites. Publishers usually take the call of making this content available to public. The company has also started using their editorial staff to work on this app and added the fact that a human editor has worked on this app.

This app is being considered as one of the marketing department’s brainchild. This new apps is expected to be rolled out using the operating system iOS9 with updates sometime 2015. The company has also indicated that they are working on the music streaming app which will include the music and videos from the library of the users. It will also include internet radio stations and the unreleased tracks of many artists.

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