Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Airlines Embrace Apple Watch with Upcoming Apps

Apple Watch with Upcoming Apps

Apple had highlighted several apps which would be available on the Apple Watch including the app from American Airlines at its Apple Watch event recently, which would enable users to receive flight information, check in for their flight and much more. American Airlines, an Apple partner at the Watch’s launch is the focus of attention for building a Watch app which will be helpful at the airport, according to Sullivan. He states that there are other Watch apps from other airlines too. Several others have also announced the upcoming apps for the Apple Watch with a hint at some for the ways in which the Apple Watch would be used in making life easy.

 For instance, British Airways announced a British Airways app for the Apple Watch that would be available by April 24. With the help of a glance option, that can be accessed on swiping right on the watch face, the British Airways app would be displaying a summary of the customer’s next flight with details like flight number, the flight status, the countdown to departure time as well as the weather at the destination. These details would be made available at a single glance reducing the need to check the emails and open app to access the flight details.

Supports Wrist Check-Ins for Flights

Moreover, the app also supports on wrist check-ins for flights as well as convey notifications to direct users to their appropriate entries and at specific airport terminals, like Heathrow’s Terminal5, users would also be receiving welcome messages which are powered by iBeacon. VentureBeat had asked several airlines on their plans for Apple Watch apps, earlier this week which provided information on two upcoming apps from United and Delta.

The Delta app which is in the development stage will be delivering notification on flights to the user well in advance of their flights which would give them access to the boarding pass stored on their iPhones. Besides this, it would also offer flight numbers, flight time, gate number as well as other information and if the flight tends to get changed, user would also receive notification on their Apple Watch. They would also be receiving notification whenever a flight approaches a destination city together with information with regards to luggage pickup. Though United Airlines has not shared app screenshots of its upcoming Apple Watch app, it has divulged some details regarding the same.

At-A-Glance Information 

The app would be offering at-a-glance information on its upcoming flights, which comprises of gate number with status, as well as enable users to view their flight reservations within the United Airline Apple Watch app. It will also be capable of alerting users if the flight time or gate numbers tend to change and also pull a traveller’s boarding pass from the Passbook app. VentureBeat has been informed by Southwest and Virgin America that presently, they have not been working on Apple Watch app, though the two airlines together with the others are likely in creating apps as competition developing apps for the device. It is said that the Apple Watch would be made available on April 24 when pre order starts by April 19. Developers have been working hard on the finishing touches of the apps prior to its launch with several even undertaking flights to Cupertino for guidance from Apple for third party apps availability to consumers from the launch day.

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