Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Tool to Saving Precious Storage on Your Phone

Force2SD – Storage of Precious Application

With many applications being updated, users tend to make the utmost use of them which have made great progress in the present world. Storage is an ability to manage and store the necessary or important data which takes up some space with no impact on the performance. With many sophisticated smartphones and gadgets available in the market, the pace of downloading that takes place with plenty of content being stored on the device is on the increase and it tends to get difficult in making space for everything to fit into the internal memory of the phone.

Hence the external memory or the SD card is the solution to resolve this issue and for a smooth operation of the SD card the need of an app called Force2SD is the choice. At times one may need to use force to get things done ensuring that no obstacles come their way in the daily functions. For storage of precious application, the option of storing important content can be done with the help of Force2SD which helps to force several apps and move to SD card external storage when the system does not allow you to move them, thus saving space in the app area of storage.

Moves Apps to SD Card External Storage

Android 2.2 versions had introduced the feature enabling to move apps to SD card external storage and usually enable the movement of application marked by the developer as movable while Force2SD tends to move the application not marked as movable. It also moves the application back and sorts it alphabetically or by apk size The internal memory of the phone could get loaded with too much content in the form of videos, images audio with less space and hence the need for external memory or the SD card. At the time of using Force2SD one needs to adhere to a few things such as –

• Applications which have been moved to SD card or external storage do not get an on-boot signal whenever the device is booted. In such cases, the application should not be moved to perform some operations on boot though one should always move these application back if facing any problems. If the application is not needed to start up on the boot, Force2SD could be used to move it.

• It may take some time after a reboot probably a couple of minutes for the OS to show the icons of app that could have been moved which is normal since that is how the OS’s apps on SD feature operates.

• Some apps which are protected do not move

• A slow scan of application is done when the app is started for the first time

Excellent App for Storage

This is an excellent app for those who tend to constantly struggle with their space on the smartphones though they should ensure that the android device is rooted to enjoy plenty of space with Force2SD. By default, Force2SD could also scan for orphan app files when it has started, on the SD card though at times the system may fail to delete the app file on the SD card when the app has been uninstalled. If any orphan file is located, it will prompt if it needs to be deleted and this could help with some reboot issues.

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