Sunday, June 2, 2013

Windows 8.1 named Windows Blue!

Under the code name Blue Microsoft is working on a future release of Windows 8 we have all the important information about the new operating system for you compiled. Compared to its predecessors, Microsoft Windows 8 makes for much else. With a new operating concept (Metro interface) appears to be the operating system of the software giant as an all-rounder. But some users react negatively at first contact. Some enhancements have not been thought through. At Microsoft, therefore already they are working on a successor who will make things a lot better.

How the Windows Tami Reller confirms while talking to Mary Jo Foley, the internal code name Blue is a major update of Windows 8; Blue also represents a new publishing Microsoft strategy: Instead of bringing out a new operating system as before, every three years, to the current Windows in future receive a generous annual revision cycle. As Microsoft officially confirmed, comes with Windows 8.1, the first update yet launched in 2013. According to Microsoft there are some new features of Windows 8.1 will be officially awarded? Accordingly, the update brings back the missing of many users start button. By clicking through to the start screen, the start menu of the predecessor obviously does not find its way into Windows 8 Can also request the desktop wallpaper use for the start screen. So far, it has not been possible to start the Windows 8 computer immediately in the desktop mode. Also the changes with Windows 8.1 can be only available for users of Windows 8 Pro. Microsoft plans to integrate its own search engine, Bing. There are also improvements to the photo and mail service, as well as SkyDrive and camera. Internet Explorer 11 is part of Windows 8.1, at the end of June it is expected to be available for all Windows 8 users.

At the end of March has come to the Internet an early version of Windows 8.1. We guess. The example for this is the Windows Phone 8. It contains the tile surface makeover: Similar to the new Windows Phone 8 can be zoomed in and out tiles. You can also select and move several tiles at the same time. And instead of 20 colors define users with Windows blue of a spacious background and buttons. In Windows 8, there were only 20 color combinations for the new Start Center. It is colorful with Blue: Now you can create hundreds of color combinations for the background of the buttons from Windows to a smooth color control. The good old familiar Windows 8 background patterns are still present.

The diverse speculations, when Microsoft released an official version of the new Windows, Julie Larson-Green has put an end to. In early May, announced the developer's head of Windows that for 26 July 2013 a public beta version of Windows 8.1 is planned for all Windows 8 users. Microsoft will release version within the build-house developer’s conference 2013, which of 25 to 28 June runs in San Francisco. Then the update will be distributed through the Windows Store for Windows 8 and The final version should released. Microsoft's traditional strategy of the release of a new version of Windows every three years is not sustainable in today's highly mobile world. The company had no choice but to change. Microsoft now competitive with Apple that will eventually bring out a new version of Windows in cyclic and for this the first step is Instead of Windows service packs it should now pull in new functions. On the contrary, Microsoft shifted step by step functions of the traditional surface into the new tile surface. On the desktop itself, there are (so far) no significant changes. To see more, You have to wait till June end.

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