Saturday, June 22, 2013

7 Most Useful Web Browser Functions for Web and Graphic Designers

Both web designers and graphic designers rely on browsers not only to find and source information, files and ideas, but to test their designs in real-world settings to ensure maximum functionality for users. Usability is one of the most essential aspects of web design—after all, if users have a difficult time navigating or loading a site, they’re likely to bounce. Fortunately, today’s browsers offer some advanced features useful for both web and graphics professionals.

1. Drag-and-Drop Search

You know what you’re looking for when you browse the web, or you at least have a general idea. Spending extra time to open a new search tab and type in what you’re looking for isn’t an efficient use of your resources. That’s why browsers with drag-and-drop search functionality are ideal for graphic designers. Find something you want to know more about on one site, and simply drag and drop links, words and even photos to relevant titles to find what you’re looking for without wasting a second.

2. Torrent Capabilities

When you’re searching for a source file online, such as an open-source software application, you don’t have a lot of time to downloading files. Browsers with built-in torrent capabilities make downloading photos, videos, and other files a breeze. With a built-in torrent, you can manage your downloads from directly within your browser—no need to utilize a separate download application.

3. Speedy Downloading

A built-in torrent is great, but not ideal if it’s not any faster than standard downloading practices. Don’t waste your precious time waiting for endless downloads. Choose a browser with accelerated download speeds so you can stay on task instead of frustratingly tapping your fingers on the mouse while you wait.

4. Easy Media-Grabbing Capabilities

Web designers are often grabbing media from the ‘net. Embedding videos from other sources is pretty commonplace in today’s rich media Internet environment, both on standard websites among social media. Designers are tasked with sourcing media, re-vamping it when necessary and appropriate, reformatting it for compatibility and embedding those files online. The whole process can take quite a bit of time. Browsers with media-grabbing capabilities make the job of designers much simpler, enabling them to pull media files from the web with a simple click.

5. Seamless Sharing Functionality

While social sharing isn’t necessarily a core component of a web or graphic designer’s job, these professionals like to interact with their social networks just as much as anyone. In the course of a day’s work, you might come across dozens of articles you find interesting and want to read later—or just something you feel is worthy of a share. Instead of letting distraction take you from the task at hand, a browser with built-in social sharing features lets you share the content you find most intriguing without taking you into full distraction mode.

6. Easy Bookmarking

Bookmarking is a pretty commonplace browser function, but some are more usable than others with streamlined organization capabilities. Graphic and web designers rely on a variety of resources online, including blogs with coding shortcuts, tutorials and other information that helps you create the best results for your clients or your employer. Browsers with functional, easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate bookmarking functions make the task of organizing all those favorite resources much simpler.

7. Maximum Browsing Security

As a web or graphic designer, you likely have access to pertinent data about your clients. Whether that means top-secret branding initiatives or financial payment data, you don’t want any of that information to leak into the wrong hands. That’s why a top-notch browser with maximum security is critical—not just for you, but for your clients and your reputation.

Web and graphic designers love technology. Modern web browsers provide advanced functionality that benefits tech-savvy career professionals. Browser functions serve to both streamline job functions and to satisfy the tech lover’s lifestyle demands.

Kathleen Martins is a tech writer for various businesses including TorchBrowser; you can download torrent files with

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