Friday, June 7, 2013

Apple signed an agreement with Warner Music

Apple signed an agreement with Warner Music. Yes, After Universal, Apple has reached a new agreement with, Warner Music a major music industrial giant, and still negotiating with Sony. A competing service Pandora could be launched as early as WWDC. Apple's launch of a new online music listening on the occasion of its largest annual conference, WWDC, seems to be confirmed. According to sources, the company has concluded an agreement with another major, Warner Music.

In April, they have entered an agreement with Universal Music, the first label in the world; Apple would have reached an agreement allowing him to use the catalog of titles in the Major for his new service called iRadio unofficially as inspired Pandora. As for Sony, the last one is still negotiating with Apple. According sources, the music giant would be more financially advantageous than that made with Pandora. Yet at the beginning of negotiations, Apple would have had a much lower price, since, would have been reassessed. And to encourage the Majors to sign, Apple has promised two sources of income: the amount of each distribution ("stream") and a percentage of advertising revenues collected by Apple via its listening service attached to iTunes and thought to use of mobile terminals.

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