Thursday, June 27, 2013

More about Firefox 22

Mozilla has released the latest version of the popular browser which promises direct, real-time communications for voice, video and data. The controversial for blocking third-party cookies is once turned off. Externally there is nothing fresh to see in Firefox22. All new features are hidden under the hood. With Firefox 22, the developers have once again put together a comprehensive package, which is available to all users for immediate download. The main innovation of the new Firefox browser is the comprehensive support of WebRTC. This is a relatively new, open standard that will transform communications in the network sustainable. Specifically, WebRTC is composed of different interfaces, which allows the transmission of audio and video signals as well as the exchange of files between different browsers. The individual elements of the standards had been incorporated in previous versions of Mozilla but now it is activated as a full package in Firefox 22 for the first time. Besides Mozilla is also a pioneer in the development of Google WebRTC both Firefox and Chrome only supports this technology.

Both swapping files and Internet telephony are nothing new in Mozilla or Google. But instead, for example, specially having to install Skype for video chat, the chat with friends (theoretically) works on any PC that can be found on the Firefox or Chrome. To use the technique; yet still lacking the appropriate applications in most of the web browsers. While there are a number of sites in the network for testing the function - such as AppRTC for video calling - for everyday use which are not. With the Talkilla Mozilla though operates on a promising project for the integration of functions and user interface - however, this ambitious project is still at a very early stage of development.

Mozilla's announcement of third-party cookies from Firefox to disable 22 by default, made primarily in the advertising industry for abdominal pain. Despite heavy criticism from the industry Mozilla is sticking to the blockade of third-party cookies, but his plan must be delayed because of technical problems. To see the menu under Privacy, although the option to reject third party cookies always, after installing Firefox 22 but this is not automatically enabled. The third major new feature of Firefox 22 refers to the faster execution of JavaScript code and listens to the name OdinMonkey. Thanks to this optimization module, the calculation of complex pages will henceforth succeed much faster. To demonstrate the efficiency of the technique, Mozilla has made the 3D games famous Unreal Engine 3 packed in collaboration with Epic Games in the browser. In the future, should be implemented as well as graphically demanding games in Firefox. Check the speed of websites show the technical changes of Mozilla effect. Especially in heavy SunSpider JavaScript test makes the new version of Firefox in comparison to its predecessor a strong push forward. However, despite all efforts, Chrome remains the unchallenged speed Primus.

In addition to several new features for web developers Firefox gets 22 HiDPI support donated for web pages to be displayed more sharply on high-resolution screens. Using the newly added "Web Notifications" interface can now also display notifications like incoming e-mails in the Firefox browser. In the Add-ons Manager can henceforth manage the social services. Users with Mac OS X get your download progress in the dock icon appears at the top right.

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