Monday, January 7, 2013

New touch screen technology in iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s is now available with new touch screen technology in middle of 2013. Apple has introduced a new touch screen technology. These are so called in cell touch screens, in which the display surface is used in combination with the touch sensors in a plane. This has a good consequence; that the devices are considerably thinner. According to the China Times, they have introduced a new touch screen technology called “touch on display “which is the latest novel technology with thinner displays with more precise.

Apple seems to have two main objectives in the use of technology. Firstly, displays his 0.5 millimeters thick with this technology, on the other hand is designed to operate on fast finger movements much more precisely than with the previous technology. This is especially good at playing, because here again user reports a problem with the in-cell touch screen report. The manufacturer behind the new touch screen is Innolux who have already made the display for the iPad 2.

Apple will bring out this new iPhone 5s this year in any case. What name will carry it is not yet known. The current favorite in the gossip scene is iPhone 5s. Most probably in the March or April the production of iPhone 5s can be started and it will hit the market in the middle of 2013. During this same period iPad also going to hit the market. Overall, Apple is going to launch many new products one by one like Apple iTV, Smart Watch etc.

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