Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tim Cook was against the idea of attacking Samsung

Tim Cook was not a big fan of the idea of attacking Samsung in court, tells Reuters in an article that discusses the relationship of brother enemies. Steve Jobs already lead war and perhaps thinking at the time that it would be shorter but Tim Cook was against the idea of attacking Samsung. Tim Cook was opposed to this strategy which materialized in April 2011 by an initial complaint in California.  Cook's main concern was the importance occupied by Samsung among Apple's suppliers.

 According to a study, Apple had bought last year for $ 8 billion of Samsung components (6 billion). We know what happened and this war continues in court still, almost two years after Apple launched the offensive in response to the output of the first Galaxy S. The two companies still work together even though there are signs that Apple is seeking to diversify its sources of supply. The first complaint was a warning shot in a relationship began in 2005 when Apple was looking for a strong supplier in flash memory. Samsung held 50% of the market then became a partner "Whoever controls the flash will control the market of consumer electronics" Jobs reportedly said at the time, adds Reuters.

Samsung, for its part, as the main supplier of Apple could watch from the front row of the importance taken by the iPhone and iPad as well as projected sales of Apple. More details are available when you hear yourself play a leading role in these markets. Tim Cook has never publicly stated that he was opposed to the decision of Jobs. Over the episodes of these trials, he had few occasions to hammer Apple will defend its intellectual property and claim that its competitors may invent their own solutions. But last year, the conference D10, he also clearly marked his little appetite for these repeated conflicts around patents, describing real factors distractions screws other business activity which he would willingly happen.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Apple, Adobe and Microsoft Invited to Justify!

Apple, Adobe and Microsoft were invited by a committee of the Australian Parliament to come and explain the difference in prices of their products, compared to other markets around the world. On March 22, the three companies will have to justify their business practices in a public hearing. An investigation was opened in May 2012; also under the microscope the price of music sold online platforms.

In the case of Apple, if one applies a strict parity in currencies, some Macs are sold in Australia the equivalent of $ 200 (U.S.) more than the United States. For music on iTunes, a song can be 1 dollar more.

This meeting follows a frustration with the answers so far. Last summer, Microsoft has produced a written response in which he is wearing these particular labels on higher labor costs and rents in the country, local regulations, higher costs in marketing, training and publicity, the exchange rate and higher costs of transmission and distribution.

MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air Prices Lowered

Apple has adjusted its notebook range Retina and the MacBook Air, changing some elements of their configurations and some prices. For Retina it involves both the 13 "released in October that the 15" June. This step has taken to make these machines more accessible to the wide spread community. Even its price was criticized at the time of their launch more particularly for the 13”. These price reductions definitely mitigate the reproaches. The actual tariff revision involved was not included for its phones. The Mac sales had declined to 15.2% as compared to the same quarter of the last year. This may be added possible reduction in the price and in the upstream production cost of these screens and their new arrival in the portable pc’s. the similar news about laptops could not be expected before this summer until the new arrival of Intel processors.

The price of 13 "MacBook Pro Retina starts from 1499 € instead of 1749 € with its Core i5 2.5 GHz and 128 GB SSD. Following model is € 1,699 instead of € 2,049 with 256 GB SSD and a sees its new processor frequency from 2.5 GHz to 2.6 GHz (Turbo Boost to 3.2 GHz instead of 3.1 GHz). Such adjustment of the family 13 "comes about five months after marketing.

The 15 "Retina always uses around a Core i7 processor with four cores. Its frequency from 2.3 GHz to 2.4 GHz for the first model and 2.6 GHz to 2.7 GHz for the most powerful. Model high end 15 "also takes 8 GB of RAM for 16 GB offer price fell to € 2199 and € 2799 instead of € 2279 and € 2899.

SSD options have also become more accessible, 256 GB, 512 GB and 768 GB are now at 200 €, 500 € and 900 € instead of 300 €, 800 € and 1300 €.

Note that one of the two MacBook Pro 15 " (standard screen), the top model at 2.6 GHz, has disappeared from the catalog ... or almost. In the state there are only 2 , 3 GHz to 1799 € instead of 1879 €., but by going into options include everything needed to make a custom machine (RAM, SSD, CPU and storage type). By configuring the laptop to find the Version removed, we gain a little less than 50 € on the old tariff.

Monday, February 11, 2013

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Microsoft Blue!

We learned in November that Microsoft was working on Blue, a code name that was supposed to designate a major update for Windows 8. Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, always very well informed about Microsoft, said yesterday that Blue is not just about Windows 8 but Windows Phone, Windows Server and services Redmond. The journalist says that Blue means a wave of new products that arrive at the same time. Internet Explorer, Bing, application of mail, calendar and other standard software would be affected by Blue.

On Windows, the changes would affect both the kernel and user experience than pilots. Before the arrival of the new set, Microsoft will continue to leave the minor updates like security fixes bug fixes.  Blue change in depth how to operate Microsoft comes out of major updates every two or three years. It would with Blue lock on an annual basis. Specifically, the next update of Windows might be available on the Windows Store. Microsoft and resume the same system with Apple OS X and the Mac App Store. Blue could happen this summer or fall.