Saturday, February 11, 2012

Test Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus - III

Android Market: quantity or quality?

iOS however maintains its advantage: its selection of applications. In general, we find the great missed on Android - pretend otherwise would be lying. Some basic applications supplied with Ice Cream Sandwich may even be jealous of IOS users: Google Maps with navigation integrated YouTube client or Gmail on Android are light years ahead of their counterparts on iPhone.

In the Android Market, we will find the classical (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, applications are major news sites, etc..), and some applications that are no longer reserved for the iPhone (eg Path, the elegant social network). Nevertheless, it is that these applications, that invite comparison, reveal the weaknesses of Android.

Path for example, shows the difficulties that a single application can have different configurations to meet: on the big screen Galaxy Nexus, its interface is far too small to be easily used. Most third-party applications have more than passable performance (jerky scrolling and animations), which is all the more surprising that the majority of embedded applications have solved this problem. Thus, the web browser proves itself impressive and allows it to be goodbye to Mobile Safari.

The Android Market is still marked by an incredible number of applications that are content to imitate others, notably the great success of IOS, others whose content is an excuse to display advertising, to applications cheerfully plundering the copyright, and finally catcher assholes more or less obvious. It is recognized that the situation is gradually improving: this is not the case in all sections of the Market, but the selection of games for example is now very similar to IOS. Keyboard, accessibility and other remarks
The interface and the Android Market are not the only points on which Google has made efforts. The keyboard is noticeably better than in past versions - and its mechanism of suggestion and auto-correction, which resides in a bar above the buttons, is incomparably superior to the tiny bubbles imposed by IOS.

The text entered with the keyboard appears with the famous Roboto police who did so much about her closeness to her troubling Helvetica and Myriad, with touches of the Universe to form. Still, sans-serif font that is not at all unpleasant to watch, especially on the screen rather late Galaxy Nexus.

Beyond the keyboard, Google has also treated the accessibility of Android: at the first start of the phone, you can activate accessibility features by drawing a square with your finger. These are very remote IOS: zoom proposed merely enlarge the police, not to magnify the interface, and TalkBack is not as easy to use VoiceOver. These functions have however the merit to exist and offer an alternative to iOS for the visually impaired - is to closely monitor how Google will change that, its web services being for some little (and less) available .

Meanwhile, voice recognition is always included: the Voice Actions and dictation are fast and accurate. It is difficult to compare them with Siri: the basics are the same and are equal, but Google's system goes a step further handling services firm in Mountain View, where Siri is more conversational and natural .

One could, finally include some new jumble of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that are not critical, but may be worth the trouble to be noticed. Facial recognition to unlock the phone is more accessory function, which works rather poorly most of the time and can be bypassed with a simple picture - luckily, Android clear that this is the zero degree of protection. The accessory functions of the camera (pan and filters) are friendly, but their usefulness is limited - a third party application would probably do the trick. The NFC is a bet on the future, but it is useless in this case.

It may be noted, however, as you may have noticed, it is now possible to easily take screenshots of Android. Easily, it means that you should also install the SDK on your computer and plug in the phone. Unfortunately this does not mean that it is done without difficulty: the format of the Galaxy Nexus comic contortions required to support at the same time on the power button and volume decline during the second required to trigger big.

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