Friday, February 10, 2012

Mac sales

Apple sold 5,198,000 Mac over the holidays, just beating analysts' estimates (5.14 million). 

The MacBook confirm their good form despite the absence of news: it took 3.719 million laptops (+ 2.85% compared to Q4 2011 / + 27.93% vs. Q1 2011) against 1.479 million Mac office (+ 15.73% compared to Q4 2011 / + 20.54% vs. Q1 2011). 

There is renewed talk of numbers record. The figures are timely to celebrate the anniversary of the Macintosh, introduced January 24, 1984.

IPhone sales

The Cupertino company had disappointed analysts the previous quarter, with sales of iPhone-deca forecasts, the fault of the user wait for the iPhone 4S. It did not disappoint, despite the early days of sulking: he has sold 37,044,000 copies.

We're not talking a double digit growth, but a triple-digit growth: + 116.97% from the previous quarter, + 128.1% over last year. Analysts' expectations, set at 31.73 million, are widely exceeded: iPhone 4S, 4 supported by the iPhone and the iPhone 3G, was the star of the holiday season.

Apple does not disclose the breakdown of sales between the various models, but the average basket can provide perspective: up to $ 660, it leaves no doubt about the success of the iPhone 4S, particularly in its highest capacity.

Sales of iPad

The iPad was the second key to exceptional results, and this time he did not disappoint: he has sold 15,434,000 copies between late September and late December, an increase of 38.76% on a quarter, 110.56% on a an.Apple has managed to surprise analysts, who had banked on iPad sold 14.17 million.

IPod sales

The iPod continues its slow erosion: it is indeed sold 15,397,000 units, an increase of 132.51% from one quarter to another, but this is only the expression of the dynamism of Noël.Pendant market around the holidays 2010, Apple had elapsed 19.45 million iPods: iPod shuffle, nano, classic but also touch (it still represents about 50% of sales) are down 20.84%
​​to one year to another. This time, analysts were right, they who had bet on a figure of around 15.77 million.

Ecosystem of software and services

The share of software and services revenue Apple is very measured, the firm even losing money on most of these segments, but it is steadily increasing. The iTunes Store, the App Store and iBookstore have thus generated a turnover of 2.027 billion dollars this quarter, against 1.678 in the previous quarter.

For Q2 2012

Apple, which added $ 17.5 billion to its reserves, is now sitting on a war chest of $ 97.6 billion: Peter Oppenheimer is now part of the circle of managers of the largest collections in the world. 

These results are likely to get a smile to the austere Tim Cook, Apple's CEO: "We are delighted by these extraordinary results and record sales of the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Apple is incredibly strong, and we have great news in anticipation. "

Apple plans for the next quarter (the more traditional profile than the quarter of holidays), a turnover of 32.5 billion and earnings per share of $ 8.50. At the same time last year, it announced a turnover of 24.67 billion dollars.

Markets welcome these extremely positive results: in after-hours and time of this writing, Apple's stock is 7.4% ($ 31.2) to $ 451.7.

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