Thursday, February 23, 2012

The "truth" on Microsoft Office for iPad burst "within weeks"

The Truth About Office iPad will be known to all "in the coming weeks": this is the conclusion of a real game of ping-pong which took place on yesterday night between the Daily and Microsoft, following the publication by the first a capture of which would be precisely Office for iPad (read: MicrosoftOffice for iPad shows).
It all began with the publication by the newspaper News Corp's digital. A photo of a supposed version of Office for iPad being finalized and to be sold within weeks. Hours later, Microsoft ensured that the Daily was "based on unfounded rumors and speculation.”The newspaper responded in the wake of the publication of a new image, this time showing the application icon, and ensuring that the demonstration of Office for iPad was held by a representative of ... Microsoft.

After leaving some doubt on the existence of the application, The Redmond company has come out that the images were inaccurate and the Daily that the truth would be known within weeks. The newspaper is apparently sure of himself he, like Microsoft: the Daily he had access to a development version of old did ultimately not accepted, or has he suffered a bad blow organized?

So we should know the answer to these questions in a few weeks, why not at or in the wake of the presentation of the iPad 3. One thing seems certain: Office for iPad arrives.

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