Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Addictive new iPhone Game Lets You Play Without Unlocking Your Screen


Play Games from Lock Screen

Anyone who has spent a little time around the App Store will confirm that users of iPhone and iPads tend to have no shortage of games from which to select. App Store tends to have a variety of choices to choose from. Besides this game, there are six games which the user can play from your Lock Screen.

The need of unlocking the phone to play the new Flappy Bird which is quite addictive does not arise, since it tends to live in your Notification Centre. The same was built by Ivan De Cabo, a 22 year old who had built it in a weekend. The creator informed TechCrunch that he wanted to do a simple game just for improving his code skills and decided to do it in the Notification Centre. This was done for two reasons; one was to challenge himself and to see if it could be possible.

The little dinosaur tends to sit between the weather and the stocks and one can get him to jump over cacti for as long as possible. The game is said to be based on the Google Chrome Easter egg. This enables the player to play a version of the game when Google Chrome is unable to access the internet.

Favourite Locked Screen App

To play the Chrome version of Steve The Jumping dinosaur one needs to just press the space bar when the computer informs that the internet is not available and can play the game. Though Steve The Jumping Dinosaur is surely the favourite locked screen app, it is definitely not the first. In 2014 the tech company had cracked down on developers creating apps for the Notification Centre since they stated that it was for `information presentation only’.

On the App store, an unlikely platform game which one would recognise from the broken safari browser `Steve The Jumping Dinosaur, is now made available to the user. The game for now is fun and one can unlock new characters as you progress. Steve The Jumping Dinosaur is a free game which can be accessed without unlocking the phone. It not only kills time but also makes it just a bit easier to have fun with gaming without the need to fidget about while entering the passcode. It is a fun game wherein users can play on pulling down the Notification Centre of the iPhone on the locked screen.

Integration with iOS Notifications

On doing so, it will bring up Steve The Jumping Dinosaur as he tends to sit between the weather and the stocks, running as well as jumping over the incoming cacti. It also tends to feature Nyan Cat. Being highly addictive and oddly baffling, the game tends to work as a widget in notification enabling the iPhone user to play any time without the need of unlocking the phones. The remarkable thing is the integration with the iOS notifications. Some of the apps that had been blocked from being utilised include PCalc, a quick access calculator, Launcher, an app-launching widget for the notification centre and Drafts an app to make notes.

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