Monday, May 2, 2016

Autocorrect Fail? Apple has a Solution


Apple’s Patent Application – Autocorrected Words Underlined within Text Message

Autocorrect has been an indispensable tool to text quickly though it could also lead to some humiliating errors. A new patent application has been reported that Apple intends fixing autocorrect and has come up with a solution to this error. The company had filed a patent for a fix which would see message recipients warned that the words by the sender have been automatically corrected, thus averting the confusion of viewing incoherent or rude message.

At the moment, autocorrected words are presented just the way as any other word, when messages are being written as well as read. The proposal of Apple is that they would be highlighted using an underscore in both the typing window andwhen it is read by its intended target, distinguishing an autocorrected word from any other word.

The document which had first been marked by blog Apple Insider, intends a feature which would distinguish visually specific words in a text message which has been autocorrected. It is not known how Apple intends to do so, though the images of the patent application portray autocorrected words being underlined within a text message. Thepatent reads `an improved user interface for displaying electronic messages including replacement character strings is needed.

Accept Changes/ Request Clarification

An idea illustrated in the document included an `Accept changes’ button which a user can tap to approve the autocorrected message prior to sending it. Another image shows a `Request Clarification’ button that seems to be an option for the recipient to utilise it while receiving a text which does not make much sense owing to autocorrect edits.

 Additional method could include a few proposals for words which could make more sense in the given context. iPhone keyboard of Apple tends to offer option to choose from, while autocorrecting a misspelled word yet once the change has been applied, has no graphic display that a word had been edited. It is a good idea which could eradicate confusion but there is no sign that Apple intends to bring this feature to iPhone software in the near future. Patent application only indicates that this is an issue which Apple is looking into.

Additional Details at Worldwide Developers Conference

Devices, methods and graphical user interfaces for sending and receiving electronic messages comprising of replacement character strings, tends to improve communication between a sender as well as recipient, which is done by notifying the sender or the recipient when a character string had been replaced by an electronic device. As in the case of several patents of Apple, it is not clear when or if this would really make it into its software and probably the fix would work only on iMessage of Apple.

 The metadata involved in marking some words as corrected would not be suitable for text messages together with other services like WhatsApp or emails would find it complex to support the standard. Apple would probably unveil additional details regarding the new features coming to the iPhone at the time of the opening keynote at its Worldwide Developers Conferences to be held on June 13.

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