Wednesday, January 27, 2016

You can finally disable the iPhone's Default Apps

iPhone Apps

An Option for Disabling iPhone’s Default Apps

The latest versions of Apple iOS 9 enables users to delete over 30 stock apps built-in, on iPhone. It began with Stocks wherein Apple then added Maps, iBook, Watch, Health, Tips and much more. Presently there are 32 apps on the iPhone which the users are unable to erase.

Most of them seem to be necessary such as Settings, Phone and App Store while the others like Find Friends and Podcasts are seldom used by several users. For many years, user have been finding ways of deleting some of the default apps on the phone while others have accumulated them in a folder in the hope of ignoring them as much as they can.

However, there is now another option for disabling the iPhone’s default apps though it is only available to Apple developers and one may have to pay £79, together with a bit of technical confidence and a full reset of the phone. Being complicated, it recommends that Apple could eventually be ready to permit users in eliminating the default apps. Users who intend to have an easier option of removing the apps, could follow a method which enables them to do it by downloading any special software but the apps tends to return when the phone is turned off and on again,

How to Remove Default Apps

It has been revealed by Reddit user bfodder on how iPhone users who had downloaded the beta version of the new iOS 9.3 software by using a beta version of Apple’s Configurator program enabled businesses as well as school in managing the devices to get rid of stock apps. To remove the default apps one can:

  •  Sign up for the iOS beta programme to enable the download of iOS 9.3 public beta, though the full release is not yet out. A full guide is provided on signing for the beta programme including backing of the device. 
  •  Once done, then go to Settings > General > Software Update in order to download the iOS 9.3 beta 
  •  Then download Apple Configurator 2.2 beta which needs an Apple developer membership cost of £79 
  •  Users could then set up a configuration on selecting the option of `Do not allow some apps’ On entering the commands of these apps such as `’ for Stocks they can be detached from the iPhone.

System Removes Apps But Returns on Restart

This system which was introduced last year in iOS 9 tends to remove apps though they would return when the phone would restart. This is how it tends to work:

  •  Put the app you intend to delete in a folder 
  •  Press and hold on the apps till they begin jiggling as though you were to delete or move the app 
  •  Drag the app towards the edge of the folder in order to move, so that it moves the next page of the folder, but keep the app in place when the page has been moved 
  •  While holding the app, press the home button which should fly off the edge of the screen
Last year, Tim Cook, Chief executive of Apple had stated that the company had been looking for ways of allowing users to remove default apps, but some apps like Phone were linked to functions in iOS , which meant that deleting them could have resulted in problems or rendering the phone to be less capable. Though the latest iOS trick needs difficult work-around, it could be headway for the feature to be utilised more extensively

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