Saturday, January 16, 2016

Simple Code Gives Access to iPhone’s Secret Settings


iPhone’s Field Mode Concealed – Useful Tool/View Extra Information

The iPhone is one of the most impressive tool with several excellent features though there are many hidden features as well as tricks which one may have not realised that existed till now. Some of these features seem to be buried in the Settings menu while there are others that are hidden in plain sight.

The iPhone though being one of the bestselling handsets presently in the market; security researchers have condemnedthe handset due to its weak safety. A security error had been discovered in 2008 on the iPhone which enabled users to bypass the lock screen easily to access mail, bookmarks and contacts. The bug was later accepted by Apple who had issued updated software resolving the problem.

 However, access to hidden information on iPhone and enabling a user to make changes to its private setting can be done by using a simple code. Using the short code helps the user in accessing a huge amount of information on how good your signal tends to be while others could be utilised in changing hidden settings. The iPhone’s Field Mode is generally concealed though a useful tool which enables the user to view extra information on how the phone tends to get connected to the internet.

Valuable Feature – Detailed Signal Strength Indicator

Users can enable the tool on dialling *3001#12345#* followed by pressing the call button. The phone tends to switch away onto a grey screen and thereafter one will see the extra information. The most valuable features is a detailed signal strength indicator that must appear towards the top-left hand area and anything more than -80 is alike full bars on the normal scale. Anything below -110 could be one or no bars and one is unlikely to make a phone call easily.

The maximum strength to have ever achieved is about -40 and no reception is available around -120 but it could go all the way to -140. Should you need to keep that number in the corner, instead of the usual dots, then one needs to hold down the power button and the message to turn the phone off tends to appear after which you could press the home button. Thereafter the feature needs to be enabled.

Switch between Two Ways – Viewing Signal

You could switch between the two ways of looking at the signal by pressing on the display towards the top left hand area. A range of other codes tend to offer other information. By using *#33# one will get the status of the call barring setting and that tool could be turned on and off by using *33*pin# as well as #33&pin#, Swap PIN for Sim PIN. On using *#43# one will know if the call waiting is turned on or not. This feature enables user to queue up when someone tends to ring you enabling the phone to send alert if a caller has been trying to get in touch while the user is already on a call.

This could be turned on by using *43# and turned off again using #43#. Using *#06# will provide your IMEI identifier number which is very useful since it could be utilised in shutting down your phone remotely if ever it is stolen. However it could also be accessed from the Settings app or from the phone’s box.

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